17th Dec 2006, 21:36

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Holden with a Je Camira, which was a really good car. Since then I changed to commodore and subsequently to a vectra, where I got bankrupted by Holden dealers. After spending over $3000 in repairs fixing IAC motors, crank shaft sensors, cam angle sensors, belts, clutches and other electrical. mechanical problems, finally decided to turn Japanese and I have never looked back. Shame on Holden...

18th Nov 2009, 19:58

I have the 2.5 V6 CD Hatchback, we purchased it @ $4200.00 from asking of $6500.00.

I got a mixed message from web searching the product with a lot of complaints. Looked like lack of service problems.

In any case I have had the timing belt and crank sensor done, the main problems.

I am about to change the oil as it's due.

Can anyone shed some light on the following?

It runs at just under 90c, and gets a touch higher when in traffic.

It is a bit smelly after driving and I am looking at a radiator flush or upgrade.

When hot, it is moderately tapping and I hope the oil change and radiator service will help.

Any advice out there?

No I don't want to sell it as it is the best driving car I have ever owned, in fact if you think this model is a lemon try a Ford Explorer for a real nightmare.

Len O'Grady


12th May 2010, 18:05

I bought a 1999 Holden Vectra hatchback, and it had been with me for three weeks, then I encountered some problems with the braking system. The brake was locking up while driving...

Can this sort of problem be repaired, because I sent it back to the dealer and they are telling me the car is working well?

21st Feb 2011, 15:22

I agree with the first person - I have a 2000 Holden Vectra and have owned it for 6 months.

After just spending $3000 to have every light globe replaced because a fuse/short was present in the car, (the dials were all going haywire, engine light permanently on, and automatic gear box wouldn't shift so I had to change gears manually) the alternator has now blown, and I had to have my car towed in peak hour traffic. I also experienced stalling at the lights, as well as the car cutting out all together while I was driving at 60 kph.

I am so over this car, I just want to get rid of it. I've ordered a new car, which won't arrive til April, so I'm stuck with this in the meantime. It has hail damage and a dent in the side door panel now; how much should I ask for it, given it's just cost me $1000 in repairs?