2006 Holden Viva JF from Australia and New Zealand

General Comments:

Was a pretty good little car. Had no problems with mine when I had it. Boot size is huge, which is great. Was fairly economical as well.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2010

10th Sep 2012, 07:25

I had a CD get jammed in my Viva's CD player. I held down the eject button for about 10-20 seconds and it forced the ejection of the CD. Just thought people might like to know.

2006 Holden Viva Equipe 1.8 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Not worth the money


Air bag deployed while the car was parked running, but putting shopping into the boot.

Aircon compressor stopped working, then the fan.

One speaker works; seems to be bad connection, because others cut in over bumps.

Disk stuck in CD player.

Airbag light is back on.

Car shakes bad from the motor not running right.

All shocks have gone.

Plastics falling apart.

Interior light does not work - bulb replaced.

Indicator switch flimsy.

Door mirror fell off.

General Comments:

This car, being a Daewoo, is not a very good car.

Practical, and it had great room and storage, and the boot is good.

The aircon is just great now, but it has had its guts replaced to get it going.

Plastics inside the car are rubbing and causing squeaks and other noises.

The car is comfortable, seats are great, driver's position is fantastic, all button's in reach of driver.

The sound system is stuffed big time, no point to fix it LOL.

Shocks went after 3 years, and Holden would not fix it.

It always starts, and we service it well, but the motor is very rough. I actually think it is going to blow up soon.

The box is chunky and does not like to skip gears.

It is gutless, and I wish I had never brought it.

My friend has the Daewoo version of this car, and hers has been good to her. My sister has the same car as me, but an auto, but nothing but problems.

If you have to have a Viva, get the Daewoo version of it, because the Holden model is just rubbish.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2010

9th Aug 2010, 00:39

The Holden model is the Daewoo model, there's absolutely no difference whatsoever.

You should have paid more for an Astra or something. The Viva was priced in a sort of "you get what you pay for" way.

15th Sep 2010, 05:22

Actually there is one difference between the two cars, the Daewoo has a better interior. The dashboard is a different design and in my opinion more European than the Holden.

2008 Holden Viva Wagon 2.0L from Australia and New Zealand


Poor interior build quality, rattles and scratches easily.

General Comments:

Company car, have done a lot of KMs with no mechanical problems in the last year, my only disappointment is the interior with plastics rubbing against each other gets very annoying.

Great performance from the little 4 cyl. with little torque steer, and for some reason my heavy foot doesn't affect its fuel economy, I get over 650 kms to every 50 litres on standard 91 RON fuel.

Extremely cheap to run.

Very good looking wagon.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2010