1981 Honda Accord LX 1.6 from North America


A reliable econobox


The carburetor died soon after I b ought it. The seats were torn.

General Comments:

The three speed auto really blunted performance. 70 m.p.h. required 4500 r.p.m. Top speed was about 100 m.p.h. at 5900 r.p.m. It was noisy. There wasn't enough headroom. Fuel economy was o.k. at 24 m.p.g.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2004

1981 Honda Accord from North America


It only cost me eighty dollars


It only starts when it wants to.

It shakes while you brake.

The passenger door does not open.

The passenger seat belt does not work.

General Comments:

I have to carry a hammer in my car, just in case I have to pop the hood and tap the starter. The car is very selective on when it actually wants to start. I have been stuck at various undesired places because my car will not start.

When the car DOES start, it runs generally OK.

It has a problem with getting in and out of parallel parking spaces. I have to put some serious muscle into the steering wheel to direct the car.

It is fine however, on the highway.

The car has many cosmetic problems.

The passenger door does not open.

The heat or defrost does not work.

It does not have a passenger side-view mirror.

The windshield wipers do not move quickly.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2003

11th Sep 2007, 22:08

Well good lord, you sure did complain a lot even though you said it only cost you $80. If you can get a car that runs, period, for that little amount of money, then you are doing alright.

16th Feb 2010, 12:53

It's not all complaints. The rotors on these early Accord warped regularly. We had to replace two sets on our 1981, within about 10,000km of each other. They don't machine well, either.

1981 Honda Accord from North America


Where do I begin! This was undoubtedly the worst car I have ever had in terms of maintenance. There were so many problems with it. On the 1st cold day of the year, it would never start. We had to call the tow-truck at least once a year. Also, the side doors would never open when it was cold outside. We had to change the clutch on it when we first got it. Finally, the metal on the body began to rust so badly that the car began to shake when we tried to brake. The only choice we had was to get rid of it. It was definitely a piece of junk.

General Comments:

Just one sentence, buying that Accord was a waste of my time and money!

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2003

1981 Honda Accord LX 1.8 from North America


A great car for only $450 on ebay


Nothing has gone wrong with this car.

But I have also done a lot of up grades to it.

General Comments:

This is a great car to have fun learning about cars or just getting around.

They will last for ever with just a little love and car. But I'm out almost every day loving on mine.

I am about to put a new H22 engine in to it so instead of just 90 HP I will have 200+ Hp I can't wait.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2002

21st Jun 2004, 14:12

Hi Steven,

I have a blue one and I love it to death... Where did you get the info regarding a replacement engine that would be faster or more horsepower? I need to replace mine soon and I want more than 90 horsepower..



1981 Honda Accord 1.6L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Very reliable, if you can excuse the rust


Structural rust has basically killed it.

Camshaft had to be re-ground.


Absolutely nothing else.

General Comments:

The car was bought as a replacement for our English import Vanden Plas (very similar to Austin Allegro), which was starting to cause many expensive problems.

The Honda was a very smooth car to drive, mainly due to the "Hondamatic" variable auto transmission. When the old leaded fuel was still available, after a long trip the tailpipe would be white, that's how clean it would run.

Rust started to appear quite early, as what happens with most Hondas. Being white didn't help as white cars reflect heat and therefore don't dry as quickly. Rust in the sills was worst as when the car was up on the hoist the doors seized shut, it basically bended. It therefore failed it's safety check. We had the rust repaired, but kept coming back, like cancer for cars. It is now de-registered and sitting in my dad's barn. It hasn't been started for nearly 5 years, but ran beautifully the day I drove it in there. He doesn't want to part with it, and can't give it away although it's complete. You can't really see the rust to you look closely at it.

The only other problem was the camshaft was damaged due to it running low on oil once, was very noisy till it was fixed.

It'll probably sit there for another few years yet, maybe once they've nearly all disappeared will it be sought after.

This car was extremely reliable mechanically wise and it saddens me to see it now.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2002

18th Feb 2006, 12:30

An 81 Accord Sedan was my first car. I loved that car and would still have it today if the frame was still intact. I let mine go after there wasn't enough solid frame left to reinforce. The rust underneath was so bad I could push a pen through anywhere in the frame. A very sad day when I dropped it off at the dump.

1981 Honda Accord LX Hatchback 1.8 from North America


Great first car for us poor kids


Outer CV joints made click noise when turning- replaced = $35.00 used part.

Old Rack & Pinion leaked - replaced for $50.00 used part.

New Carpet because it was sitting for 4 years.

General Comments:

This car was cheap, $200.00 was all I paid. It basically reliable. Even though it's so old, it still can run like some normal cars today and it can run on the freeway just fine. This car is prefect for a teens first car, it can be driven into the ground and will keep on going.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2002

4th Apr 2008, 02:15

Where did you buy the replacement carpet? I need to do the same in my 1981 Honda Accord LX. let me know at dntmx@cox.net. Thanks! - Joel.