27th Mar 2007, 10:04

3500$ for a 17 year old car that is clearly worn out. Hey I'll sell you my '97 camry w/190k for 5 grand.

Good luck with the Honda.

27th Mar 2007, 10:42

Our family got our Honda BRAND NEW. Kindly explain why it fell apart at 90,000 miles while our domestics (which receive identical maintenance), have made it to over 300,000 miles in some cases with no problems.

27th Mar 2007, 13:07

I have 253,000 miles on my '94 Accord and everything works. the downside is the rust by the rear wheels and the interior getting dirty from use. Overall this car is still as tight as a 5 year old car.

28th Mar 2007, 06:07

I had a third gen 89 Accord 2.0 EX with the fuel injected high output A20A4 engine and auto trans. Great car, but it's funny to see how legends are being made, and what are the facts these legends are being founded on?

The urban legends of the 400,000 mile Accord is still very much alive I can see. Mine packed in at about 225,000miles (that's 360.000 km living in Europe as I do) and I had it from new. That's *very* respectable and I'm not complaining at all, but it's funny to see how many die hard Honda fanatics claims enormous mileage figures for their cars. I've never seen any 400,000 mile Accord, and the last few years I ran the Accord I had to scavenge the auto salvage yards for a lot of parts to keep it alive, so I know what I'm talking about. I saw several junked Accords and few was any substantial mileage beyond the 200,000 miles mark.

When my 89 Accord was sent to the junk yard it was not because it had a minor issue, it was because this car was totally worn out and the trans packed in completely and a new trans was too expensive. Also rust was a major issue and the car was partly resprayed several times as the rust kept poping up. My Accord got top maintenance, always garaged and always engine heater in the winter.

At about 130-150,000 miles (from about 210.000km) I had several issues with this car changing exhaust, absolute every moving part in the brake system, several parts in the suspension etc. This is very consistent with the experiences of the reviewer. In the end I had a lot of problems with rust in suspension parts making the car dangerous to run in high speed.

I would rate the Accord quality wise in the top, but just about the same as many of the other cars I've had like the Audi 100 5 cyl, or the BMW 520 6 cyl. And any Accord would fall short of the durability found in cars like the MB 300D (especially the W123 platform) or the Volvo 240, or in many American cars for that sake.

Keeping those urban legends alive... the dream of the 400,000 mile Accord will never die.

23rd Apr 2007, 04:09

Spot on man. Accords are great but they ain't lasting forever like many are claiming. They last about as long as any other high quality car but will give fewer problems along the way.

23rd Apr 2007, 18:01

My Accord is 53 years old and has over 3.2 million miles on it.

Never had to replace anything except 1 set of wiper blades...it's still running too.

I guess nowadays they don't make them like the used to.

24th Apr 2007, 11:48

Someone with a sense of humor! I love it.

You forgot to mention that you never had to change the oil.

25th Apr 2007, 08:44

Some of these commenters are offended because instead of buying a Honda they bought Contours and Grand AMs and have to preserve their dignity.

3rd May 2007, 04:43

To the last commenter what facts do you have to back this up? I mean these comments are what myths are all about. Accords are great, but it seem it's 50/50 myths and reality when people talk about how good these cars are. My uncle had one some years back and it is always 'there was never anything wrong with this car' but I know the last 50,000 miles was problematic with a lot of expensive repairs, but he never talks about it. Also there is a lot of hardware from Detroit that has 'a million miles' on them like the Chevy truck I bought used 7 years back and still have, but I never hear myths about GM cars like this. Current mileage on my truck is 311.700 miles with one transmission overhaul. Original engine and axles, but the engine smokes a bit.

4th Dec 2008, 20:39

I currently have a 1990 Honda Accord SE Sedan. I have had minor problems with it, but other than that, nothing is wrong, with about 90,000 miles on it. Yes that's right, 90,000 miles on an 18, almost 19 yr old car sounds crazy.

My fiance and I bought it for $2000 about 4 months ago after she totaled my 2005 KIA Rio with 78,000 miles on it.. This Honda is just as good if not better than my old Rio for at least two reasons.

More horsepower, which makes it a lot more efficient on highways; the Rio didn't have enough power to keep a steady speed going up hill, and that leads two my second thing.

The 1990 Honda Accord has a lot better gas mileage than the Rio. Then again, put a 1.6L I4 104Hp 104 torque (RIO) VS 2.2L I4 140Hp 142 torque (Accord) and see who gets the better fuel mileage. The Accord will be able to go further with it's 17 gallon fuel tank vs the Rio's 11.9 gallon fuel tank, so you won't have to make as many stops. I guess I just wish I had gone with the Honda first instead of having to make payments on a piece of junk.