26th Dec 2003, 12:41

About the seatbelts. Mine don't even work. My antenna is broke to. So I got one of those stupid black ones that go on the top and it can only pick up one station. My runs OK... yesterday it started spitting and sputering and went down to like only 25 mph. Its still a good car it could just use a little work.

15th Nov 2004, 19:40

(91Honda S light) Problems with this S light- I found it2 b the speed sensor, that sits on the outside of the trans. this speed sensor is not as big as a match box. I have a 91 Honda. I was also told, if you don't get a NEW1,when you replace it. It would mess your computer up. jjmaker.

3rd Mar 2007, 13:20

I have a 1991 Honda as a tuner hobby car. It a great car, but there are several issues which pervious reviewers mentioned. The transmission control unit (TCU) on the automatic transmission are a problem. Sometimes the TCU fails and the transmission will not shift properly. When this occurs, the computer is smart enough to recognize the problem and alerts the driver by with a flashing green "S" on the dash (the sport mode indicator flashes). This problem can easly be resolved by replacing the TCU (located under the passenger side floorboard) with one from a junkyard.

3rd Dec 2009, 17:32

I had a 1991 Accord DX, and it was a great car, but had all the problems mentioned in the posts above. It's important to realize that this car is a pre-airbag technology auto, and therefore is not nearly as safe as a modern automobile. There are lots of 91 Accords still on the road, but they were built for 55 mph driving - the national speed limit at the time (the speedometer even has a big red 55). Combine this with the lack of airbags and the crash survivability is very poor. Think twice before putting your high school kid in this car.