8th Mar 2004, 14:02

Toyota's overall build quality seems to be better than Honda. Toyota also manufactures some of the smoothest and quietest V8 engines I have ever driven. Honda on the other hand appears to be better at providing a more 'fun' driving experience. Their styling is a bit more edgy and the ride is usually more sporty than the boat-like feel of a Toyota. Not surprising, Sochiro Honda was a racing enthusiast. Speaking on behalf of engine quality and reliability...I'd say that Honda builds some of the best 4-cylinder engines in the industry while Toyota's silky smooth, reliable V6 and V8 engines are unmatched.

15th Aug 2004, 18:16

If both the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord were 4 cylinders or both V-6's from the same year, I'd like to know how the Camry out performs the Accord!

If you do some research on these two cars, the numbers will speak for themselves!

In the 94 to 97 year models between the Accord and Camry, the 4 cylinder Accord had 130hp (non-VTEC) and 145 hp (with VTEC), while the Camry had 125hp, and for the V-6, the Accord had 170hp, and the Camry had 188hp!

For the 98 to 2000 range, the Accord 4 cylinder had 150hp, while the Camry had 133hp, and the V-6 Accord had 200hp, while the Camry V-6 had about 194hp.

Now the newest Camry and Accord - the 4 cylinder Accord has 160hp, while the Camry has 157hp, and the V-6 Accord has 240hp, while the Camry has 210hp! (All this info came from Motortrend.com)

Honda has always kept on top of Toyota in standard performance, except when Toyota had the advantage with the earlier V-6 engines, but still yet Toyotas have very nice suspension and steering systems! Honda's are like cheaper sports cars, while Toyota's are like cheaper luxury cars!