8th Mar 2004, 20:29

The way some people talk of the VTEC you'd think it was a HEMI, come on, sports car, right, my Hyundai has a 5 speed so it must be a sports car too right?

1st Jan 2006, 17:52

Yeah the car is so overrated. I have the original everything, but hydraulic clutch pump and radiator and CV joints in at 221,000 miles and my friends is the same at 260,000 miles. I have a few rattles here and there, just like anything put together with screws. Just like anyone else who complains, the people who don't change their oil or go curb and pothole driving or buy their cars used, not knowing that the car was probably stolen and used as a toilet. In hearing all the stories on this site, saying never buy a Honda again, it seems that it is these situations that I brought to light above that are really the reasons why people are having their car trouble. It is not Honda's fault, but an ignorant shopper, who believes anything with an H on it was built by God and therefore it is perfect. Honda's are far from perfect, they are built by humans. What do you expect? You all can blabber on about how your Ford Festiva or Dodge Aries K is a better buy, but Honda will always have the modern car, the one that does not have bean counters ripping parts off of it and sharing with other cars (Corvette steering wheel and the Malibu steering wheel), Honda's will always hold their value, and always be known for excellent engine designs that are smooth, reliable, and efficient.

12th Dec 2006, 04:57

I didn't have a lot of problems with my 1996 Honda accord LX, but it does have "issues" driver side windows does not go up properly when it is cold. Brakes wear out fast. Had to replace the radiator and transmission (got a used transmission since the car was already 10 years old) at 156,000 miles. Honda has a history of "issues" with their transmissions being faulty.