11th Aug 2004, 19:42

To the first above comment of this review:

Hey now, calm down! Have some pride in your country! I drive a Honda too, but I know that we Americans make the toughest vehicles when it comes to endurance. Foreign cars, especially Japanese are good when it comes to road driving and consistency of quality, they break down usually much cheaper and are cheaper to maintain, but when you want a vehicle that will pull LOTS of weight with little effort and is heavy and rock solid, get one of "The big three!" from our country! We started the mass production of the car and we are the ones with the rich history of automotive innovation and technology, that's why other foreign companies seek to bring their cars over here! No foreign company would be half as good as they are today if it wasn't for American engineers working for them and carrying over ideas from American car companies!

15th Aug 2004, 10:54

Why would anyone consider brake replacement a fault? That's like complaining because "the darn thing's gas tank keeps going dry!" You can't expect a company to use magic and change the laws of physics and make your brakes last forever! The same goes on the oil, the radiator fluid, the tires, and many other things! Any car is going to have to have its brakes replaced eventually! If you got 100,000 miles out of your brakes, you're lucky! So what are you complaining about? Some people just can't be pleased!

9th Feb 2005, 14:36

I have owned a 1992 Civic hatchback.

For a 1.5 SOHC, it was killing 1990 to 1999 Z22's.

That car was abused like no other (my first car). Had it for 1 year, about 30000km of shifting at 6.5.

Alternator died at 167000km (about normal).

Original clutch at 187000km...

The car never wanted to die.

Now I've got a Hyundai Elantra GT 2002, and I think it will be the new "Civic" in reliability.

Anyways, American cars are known to have the best V8's, the best pickups, and the best heavy cars.

But economy cars... they are pretty sad, and the regular cars have reliability issues. Chrysler does not know how to built a tranny. If that wasn't true, then I wonder why so many small American cars have the mechanics of Mitsubishi, Toyota (Vibe) or Suzuki...

The point being... the guy who claims the Accord isn't reliable... well I think he doesn't know anything about cars.

20th Apr 2005, 15:15

100k on your brakes!!! What were you doing? Flinstoning your way to stops!!! How can you complain about brakes going out? I agree with the guy about the gas tank goin dry. You have to expect to change something on your car. Nothing lasts forever except traffic. The only way I can get 100k from my brakes is to stick my foot out of the door and burn the soles off of my prowings!

29th Apr 2006, 13:07

Speaking of a strong vehicles, the American auto industry is highly worried about Toyota's new line of Heavy Duty trucks. I hope what you meant about American cars being strong you meant that the trucks were strong and not the cars, because the cars sure do give up easily.

28th Aug 2008, 01:41

That's too much engine trouble by 140k. That sounds like the supposed American crap that can be bought for less dough. Hondas are not all they're cracked up to be. Just not. I feel the same way about Toyota with their cheap plastic looking interiors and high price tags. Read about engine failures there too.