29th Aug 2003, 18:53

When you learn how to maintain your car you will not have so many problems, besides you have a Honda not a Porsche. Your paying a very cheap price, and you expect Porsche quality.

4th Jan 2004, 20:30

I would also like to mention that a qualified Honda Dealer probably never got the opportunity to maintain your car. American Honda offered a free product update or recall on this particular problem and that obviously never happened either. As you can tell, your complaints really bother me. I deal with similar idiotic complaints every day and rarely see a company respond to their customers better than Honda. To sum it all up, you cannot drive a car into the ground without maintenance by someone who is qualified and knows the product. You have to put your faith in someone, it might as well be a good trained Dealer. Good luck with the new Ford, GM or Chrysler product.

11th Aug 2004, 08:05

I just bought my 96' accord Yesterday. It is my very first car, and I am really excited, except for the few minor problems. Besides the fact that I have never driven a stick shift and that's what this car is, I have noticed that the lock on the driver side does not work, and the hood comes up a little bit when I am driving. So far it seems to ride very good. I think once I get a hang of the shifting and the clutch I am going to love the car.

1st Jul 2007, 00:47

I have had about 12 Accords, Civics and one Acura Integra (also a Honda). These have been the most amazing vehicles! They require maintenance, of course. As do ALL CARS! Don't expect to get in and drive it into the ground without it at least complaining once or twice! Go read a forum on Ford or Chevy! Thank your lucky stars you HAVE a HONDA! And to the person who just bought a new Honda, they are awesome cars! You'll love it!