4th Jul 2004, 09:53

How can you call this car " a piece of junk" if you put 0 miles on it in 2 years?

1st Oct 2005, 13:32

Whenever you buy a car, there is always risk that what you buy is a lemon... even with new cars (just ask anyone who owns a VW with the 1.8L 20V turbo... specifically ask them about their ignition coils)

Sure you can get the odd problematic Honda or Toyota... but the chances of getting one are a lot smaller than most other makes. And with a Honda, when something gets fixed, it usually stays fixed.

For example, if a Honda engine needs a new head gasket, it is likely due to the engine overheating previously. As long as the cause of the overheating has been dealt with, the engine will stay fixed. Compare this to a 1st generation Neon, where replacing the head gasket is practically a regular maintenance item.

Some car owners don't seem to understand how a small problem (like a coolant leak) can turn into a big problem (blown headgasket, caused by overheating, which was caused by low coolant).

I personally witnessed someone who had a new engine put in their car and something happened where the new engine was making a 'funny sound'... I checked the oil and found there was little or no oil. I told this person to walk to the store, buy oil and put in into the engine. But instead, this person chose to drive home without topping up the oil...

Yet this person blames the car and not herself for having major reliability issues with the car her parents bought for her.

This is why some people seem to always have bad luck with their cars... they don't pay attention to the small issues. And the small issues then cause big issues.

13th May 2006, 18:10

Sounds like that HOnda took a beating from you. Like ^ said, "minor problems turn to large ones." Take care of your cars.

16th Oct 2006, 22:44

U can't beat a car and not keep maintaining it or else it will wind up like how ur's did. Out of all the comments in this forum urs is the only one that's bad.. Sry, but I think you just got screwed with that car.