15th May 2004, 16:21

Sounds like a bunch of Toyota loyalists to me.

This is how I see it: people who like Toyotas generally like all Japanese cars... but people who like Hondas tend to stick with Hondas. Me, I despise Toyota, but will take practically any Honda.

Plus, you can't just get out of a Toyota, step into a Honda and expect them to be the same car. Being direct competitors with each other, I think they would have some differences.

I think you have set too high expectations for the car.

24th Jun 2004, 20:49

I like my Honda Accord V6 - 2000. But I am having problems now and then - Thank God, I went for the Honda Care 7yr 100,000 mile extended warranty -

2 days ago the alternator failed @ 51,130 miles - Got it warranty replaced with Honda dealer - Delphi is the make.

I suspect the car in general has Electrical problems.. Earlier my add-on Honda cassette player had failed and my Cruise Switch LED has failed for the 2nd time..

I just hope there will be not any more failures and I am tired of having that fear factor in mind especially over long rides..

I have rented a Camry for more than a month and boy I tell you, Camry is smooth, but I went for a 2000 Accord 'cos of its look and Interiors.

1st Jul 2004, 22:23

I too own a 1998 Accord EX V6. I'm a Honda and Toyota loyalist, because I've owned many good examples of both. My Mom also retired from Honda a year ago. All that said, my auto transmission is starting to fail, it has the same problems as others who've posted. Today (July 1, 2004) my Mom took the time to make some calls to her friends at American Honda in Torrence, CA and what she found out is Honda does indeed have a major problem on their hands with these transmissions. Apparently Honda is trying to do what it can, but I think many here would agree it's not acceptable. The only advice I can offer is to take the car to a Honda dealership, have it diagnosed in writing and then call American Honda and start being the "squeaky wheel". Don't be rude or obnoxious, just polite and VERY persistent and you will probably receive some sort of compensation. I've yet to hear back on what will be done with my car, but my fingers are crossed. Cheers!

24th Feb 2005, 19:13

I gave my 1991 Accord Wagon to my teenagers and replaced it with a 2001 Accord V6L. I now wish I had kept the old wagon. It was a fun car to drive and own. I can't say the same for my 2001 Accord. The transmission continues it's mysterious ways. I still don't understand why it shifts when it does. Most annoying are the "bang" shifts when the car is under moderate acceleration. Gas mileage is poor, as I've never been able to match the rated mileage. The automatic climate control system seems to impose a heavy load on the V6, slowing the car considerably when it is on. I find the car runs smoother with the climate control off and the windows open. Next time I buy a Toyota <sigh>.

6th Jan 2006, 15:19

I have a 99 Accord EX-VL w/110,000 miles. I do agree the transmission shifts oddly, but I have not had to replace it at all. Since the car gets driven 30,000 miles a year, we change the fluid often- About every 45,000 miles. We have had no problems with the tranny failing yet. The alternator has not failed either, but I was shocked to see that it was a Delphi part and I expect it to fail sooner than the Denso in my 94 Accord LX with 222,000 miles-the denso looks to be original, right from the plant in Japan where it was built.

27th Jul 2007, 02:22

Hmm. My 2001 build year Accord V6 has been flawless. No rattles. No elec problems. I am certain it is still driving as it would straight out of the showroom.

3rd Aug 2007, 09:21

I have a 1998 Honda Accord V6 EX Coupe. I have 130,000 miles on the vehicle and in general enjoy the car and the ride.

The problems I have are as follows: (These are on going and is becoming a big pain)

1. The transmission slams into gear sometimes and other times is seems to drag on before changing gears. Repeat visits to the dealer yielded no results or issues.

2. My Alternator has been replaced 3 times and today I am going in for my 4th. Seems after the initial change, I have had to change the alternator every year. The Dealer has picked up the cost after the second change. this is annoying because I know an alternator should last more than 1 year. The Dealer is not sure what is going on at this time.

3. There are times when I turn my headlights on and my Dashboard lights will go off - kind of hard to see the gauges in the evening. When this happens the directionals or blinkers do not work either. Turning the headlights off allows everything to work as expected. Again, the Dealer does not know what the cause is and cannot cause it to happen either. I am in a monitoring state at this time.

4. Sunroof seems to rattle when it is cold outside. Took awhile to figure this out, and of course I purchased the vehicle in the summer so I did not hear it when I bought it. So now I lubricate the rubber seal occasionally which seems to help.

I have always been a big fan of Honda's and Toyota's. But this version of the Honda has given me some concerns. My last Honda Accord had no issues at all. It was a 1989 4 door accord stick. I did the normal maintenance and basically that was it.

I also had the Alternator issue, but for the last 3 years, the alternator has been replaced.

5th Aug 2007, 01:49

Interesting comments as I haven't really experienced these issues at all... in a 2001 V6 Accord. Sure the transmission shifts a little weird sometimes, but it's something I can live with. Have had no alternator problems yet, and my car has 103.000 miles on it. On a recent trip by myself, one tank returned with 34 mpg at 80+ mph. Not bad if you ask me.

11th Aug 2007, 10:26

I too have a 1998 Honda Accord. Brand new and within 1000 miles the transmission went off. Honda replaced it with a reconditioned transmission. No amount of begging, threats, pleading made them reconsider giving me a new transmission (the warranty says they can replace it with a reconditioned part... in very small print!). Then some where around 40,000 miles, the car would make a horrible grinding sound and it FINALLY proved to be a broken engine mount! This weekend the alternator went off! A few months back the starter had to be replaced. Additionally, around 60,000 miles the oxygen sensor went bad. I have had my share of woes with Honda and my next car is definitely going to be a Camry. I just hope I get a decent price when I try to sell my 1998 Honda Accord V6!