29th Mar 2006, 12:41

I am updating everyone again.

The Honda now has 290,000km (130,625 miles). A few things have gone wrong since, but nothing out of the ordinary. The heating /air conditioning fan blower motor has been weak this winter, so I replaced it as a preventative maintenance. Did it myself. I fixed the rust as I previously mentioned and it has not returned. All brakes (pads, rotors, drums) were replaced this winter. As I write this, I am getting my timing belt replaced, as well as CV boots, a fuel system flush and an oil change. All parts were still OK, but showing wear. I had a minor radiator leak that I fixed with stop leak fluid. It seems as though one of my rotors warps during warm weather resulting in vibration during braking. I don't blame the car, just the after market part.

So, I still LOVE and very much enjoy my VERY reliable and inexpensive to own vehicle!

30th Mar 2006, 12:25

Slight miscalculation on the miles. They should be 181,250 miles. I don't know how I came up with the other number.

12th Jan 2010, 14:24

I am updating my Accord again. I can't believe it already has 365,000 km! What an unbelievable car! The engine still runs like it did when I bought it, the suspension is still original, the interior is still in immaculate shape, and the body has held up well. The original clutch started to slip at 310,000 km, and I had some rust spots fixed around the front windshield, which had too many chips and I wanted to replace it. The radiator sprung a minor leak at about 320,000 km, so I had that replaced. And that is it. I still love it, and I'm aiming for 500,000 km!

11th Jul 2011, 13:30

I am updating again. The Accord now has 400,000km. It just rolled over last night. I will be replacing the timing belt as required. Otherwise, since the last update, I have not put money towards it apart from oil changes. So I did a few upgrades to it such as sporty seats, firmer suspension, nicer rims, and a front lip. So now the car looks fantastic and has been extremely reliable (as mentioned previously). It also gets fantastic gas mileage, about 8L/100km in mostly city driving.


15th Mar 2012, 13:02

This will sadly be the last update. My Accord has been rear-ended and written off. Mileage... 407,000km. Since my last update, I changed the A/C belt. It was starting to squeak.

Goodbye old reliable friend!