2nd Aug 2004, 18:00

UPDATE: my Honda's "check engine" light came on 3 weeks ago. I said to myself "I guess that is OK since it'll be the first repair I've had to pay for in 8 1/2 years of ownership."

So I took it into the dealership and the service adviser said "oh, its your emissions system -- and that is covered under an extended warranty."

Now my beloved Accord is running like a new car, my mileage is much better and I STILL HAVEN'T PAID FOR A REPAIR.

25th Mar 2005, 11:59

Isn't that 14 year/150,000 mile emissions warranty great!? I had an 02 sensor go bad at 140,000 miles and Honda picked up the tab. I agree 100% with your review. My Accord (96 EX model) has been the most dependable car my family and I have ever owned. I bought it with 40,000 miles and now have just under 151,000 miles. It still runs and looks just as good as it did the day I bought it with only 40k miles! In the 100,000 miles I've driven it, the ONLY things that have been replaced (outside of maintenance) are the radiator, CV joints, 02 sensor and a power window regulator. That's it! The car ALWAYS starts and has never broken down. We've taken it on many cross country trips. When I moved to Michigan (from Florida) for a couple years, I commuted between the two states about 3-4 times per year. I got 32+ mpg on the highway at 70-75 mph and I never once had to worry about the car breaking down on me. I would trust it to Alaska and back any day of the week. I just hope that when this car does finally get old and I need a new one, the second one will be as reliable and trustworthy. Enjoy your Accord, they are incredible cars!