21st Feb 2001, 00:39

Just bought a new accord LX. So far it has been in the repair shop for a total of 20 days with ignition problems...

Piece of junk.

Never again will I invest in a Honda!

6th Sep 2002, 11:47

I have had my '95 Accord since '97. I bought it with about 70,000 miles on it and it now has 161,000 miles. I LOVE MY CAR. I am not sure if other people have just got the "lemons" of Honda or what, but my car has been reliable and has never given me any problems except normal things.

I am sorry people felt this way, but mine has been wonderful.

18th Oct 2002, 12:43

I agree with you totally. If a car company cannot stand behind it's product, whether good or bad, then that company deserves no one's business.

13th Jan 2003, 21:15

I have a 1995 Honda Accord with 194,000 miles. I do all the scheduled maintenance and have yet to encounter any major problems. I have also owned two Hondas previously and both gave me good service. They are great cars and no poor comments could make me think differently.

13th Mar 2003, 08:54

I own a 1995 Honda Accord LX 4 door. I love my car! I acquired the vehicle in 1997 with 30,000 miles. It now has 109,000 miles and runs just the way it did when I bought it. Other than exhaust system problems, this car has been extremely reliable. I bought a 2001 Honda Odyssey due to Honda's reliability and their excellent service departments. I will never own another make of car!

11th May 2003, 01:17

I have owned a '95 Accord LX since early 1996. It has given me absolutely no problems whatsoever. It is a great car in terms of both quality and comfort, although it could use a little more zip. I recently added a short ram intake and now this thing sounds mean! It is slightly quicker in the high revs, too. A wonderful, wonderful car!

P.S.- The manual transmission is excellent.

10th Dec 2003, 00:36

95 accord.

Antenna won't retract.

Electric windows stick fairly bad.

The ashtray spring that closes it broke.

Other than that though it runs like a champ always starts.

I would say buy one.

I have owned 2 other accords and both had electric window failure & leaked water in through the window, trunk or sunroof.

25th Feb 2004, 18:33

I have owned two Honda's and my father has also owned a couple. If I were buying new I would definitely buy a Honda. My 91' Accord has 240,000 miles. I have had no major problems and still have the original motor and trans. My fathers two Civics had over 200k with now major problems. Honda....The Power of Dreams.

21st Jul 2004, 10:37

I own a 1995 Honda Accord LX with about 127,000 miles. I bought this car in 1998 with 20K miles. I had to replace the radiator (it was cracked) within the first 90 days. Then the A/C went out in 1999, and I just recently had that fixed (summer 2003). I found out it had a leak. I then had another cracked radiator and replaced that in 2000. Apparently there is some problem with the vibration that causes the radiator to crack. I have had regular scheduled maintenance. I now have a problem where my car will start without problem, run maybe for a mile, then everything will die and my car will coast to a stop. Everything electrical just dies. It may start and die immediately or run for a short distance. It is now parked in our driveway. The battery was replaced, as was the alternator. We're really over this car at this point. It could be so many things. I did, however, find a notice on line about a recall for the wiring terminal back from December 2000, but I never received a notice in the mail. If anyone has any ideas before we drop a ton more money into this car please advise. I'm really over this and am considering never touching another Honda, despite it's previous record with me (5 years without too much of a problem). I appreciate it.


4th Aug 2005, 07:58

I have a 95 Honda Accord LX, my problems are: poor performance of the engine , AC leaks, the doors electric system, brakes wear out too fast; replaced rotors pads and rear brake shoes. Please comment on this if it sounds familiar.

140,000 miles,four cyliders.

6th Sep 2005, 12:17

Your comment may prove extra valuable for me. I've lived with exhaust noise/vibration for years in my 94 Accord LX (126K). Mechanics said no leaks, balancers in engine off so nothing can be done, some say car too old to fix it. I'll have my guy check this out!!!

Don't be so hard on dealers or car companies - not every car is perfect. Stay on top of them, show you're no dummy, things will get done. Hondas are too reliable to give up on.

24th Jul 2006, 10:04

I have 236,000 miles on my 1994 Accord and have yet to crack my engine or anything serious. I have been through a ditch, off road, etc. Something must have happen with your car. Could it had possibly been built--on a Friday of the 13th day of the year 1995 on the month of March?

2nd Sep 2006, 16:16

You people can say all the junk you want about a Honda. Just keep in mind when doing so, I have a 1995 Honda Civic LX 1.5. Aside from normal brakes, mufflers, tires and an oil change when I think about it. I think my Honda may have just blown a head gasket, WOW.

Okay Honda Haters, keep in mind here. MY HONDA has just a wee bit over 260,000.00 miles on it so, I guess it's due for some problems huh.

I have owned probably 30 or more cars every couple years, or months in my life time so far here. This was my first Honda and frankly after this one, I'm scared to buy anything but a Honda! I want a car that will get me where I'm going with NO WORRIES for a LONG LONG TIME!

18th Sep 2006, 12:53

I have had 87 accord 93 accord 92 accord and I just bought a 95 accord with 71000 miles on it. I am a guy who had all of these cars since I was 18. and I admit that I do not take care of cars. all of them had last me to 200,000 miles. the 87 finally gave out in 2000. as I said I did not take very good care of the car and did not change the timing belt when needed so that is what finally did her in. my next one was the 93 and that car was great. other than the exhaust rusting and needing fixied that was all of the problems I had with that. I ran that into a telephone pole one late night. like I said I am pretty rough on cars. that one had been though diches and everything else imaginable and untill I hit the pole it was like new. the 92 ran all the time, but I didn't take care of this one and after years of squeaking the wheel fell off. I understand that this is my fault for not maintaining the car. now I just bought a 95 accord. it is in unbealeaveable shape and it has 71000 on it. I plan on having this one a while. and now that I am a little older and I don't have to drive at 100 mph all the time I think this will last. 7-8-9 years from now I will buy another accord. they are the best cars out there.

5th Jan 2007, 20:10

Do not let your family touch your car. This world does not need another mystery Honda that will eventually make it to the hands of someone who will use this site to say it is a bad car. Go to a reputable mechanic and have them fix that rod.

6th Jan 2007, 06:00

If you could still buy a brand new Honda Accord/Civic still being made in Japan I would buy one. I have bought them new continuously every few years or so for over 20 years. You may find like I have that when you go for a new one they are just not the same anymore. I have had too many problems starting at 30,000 miles on my last ones. My older Accords actually new at the time were so far superior. If I had an older one with reasonable mileage I would not sell it. The ones I traded in I wish I kept now. As you may notice I was a diehard Honda owner.

6th Jan 2007, 10:41

If a car breaks it is broken. Saying who fixes it after it fails is not mysterious. There are many "tuners" out there that can build a vehicle better than it was new in their own garage. I feel I can do as much if not more than an average garage... shops may be limited on time with many vehicles that they may be less attentive with and get out the door as quickly as possible. Its my car and I would rather do permanent solutions with its repairs... if the mfr has recalls and known defects do everyone a favor, drop the brand loyalty and be impartial with your comments.