22nd Jan 2014, 15:16

I've had experience with Honda "Quality". Never again. From now on, if it doesn't have a Ford or GM badge, it doesn't go in my driveway. And did you know the poorly built Honda Fit just earned the worst crash test ratings on ANY small car? Honda quality?? Yeah, sure!!

23rd Jan 2014, 06:26

I own a 98 Accord EX V6, and the car has been utterly reliable aside from the transmission. I had to get it rebuilt at a 123,000 miles, as these models are well known for high transmission failures.

I know what the Reviewer is talking about when he means it's "Semi-Automatic", you have to slowly press the gas, almost feathering it in order for the tranny to shift smoothly and quickly, or else the engine will rev too high around 3,000 RPM, then shift to 2nd, which actually causes a slow acceleration. It is annoying. I found out that the way make the transmission last longer and keep it from destroying itself, is to treat the transmission fluid like engine oil. Change the trans fluid every 4,000 miles or so; this will keep the fluid fresh, since these particular Honda trannys tend to overheat and burn the trans fluid very very quickly, causing it to lose its ability to protect the transmission clutches from overheating. Thus causing extreme wear because the anti-wear additives in the fluid have become worn out.

3 quarts out, and 3 quarts in, it's very easy to do as there's a drain plug on the transmission. Once you start feeling harsher shifting, or sluggish shift points, drain the fluid and refill. Oh, and use Redline ATF D4 tranny fluid, it's a high quality full synthetic ATF, which really does a make a difference, and it's Honda compatible.

The 93-97 Accords models used better interior materials, and were Honda's high point of build quality all around. Honda cost cut in 98, as everything inside the car feels a little more "plasticky" and cheap; the exterior paint quality is worse as well. I can't count how many times I've seen this generation of Accords have seriously faded and peeling clear coat, it's just awful. My Accord coupe also rides rough and squeaks from the sunroof. Although Honda cheapen the 98-2002 models, they're still good cars that are solid all around mechanically, as everything still works in my car, which now has 160,000 miles on it. The power windows and door locks still work, as do the HVAC controls.

Of course all the preventive maintenance I have done to the car has paid off, but even so, the car has never let me down or stranded me besides the transmission suddenly dying in a parking lot one day. Honda's are good little cars, at least the 90's one's were. Toyota's are a little better in my experience, especially comfort wise when it comes to ride quality and low road noise.