7th Oct 2007, 17:13

Yep. If you've got good oil pressure, you've got the world by the beans. I actually drive my Toyota cars much the same way, and got a laugh when you said you're afraid to stop driving it hard. I feel the same way. At one point, I had a '93 Tercel and my friend had a '91 Accord; we were both 18. It was like 'The Fast and the Furious' long before the movie ever came out, except it involved corn fields and limestone quarries! We both sold them eventually, (we're also both kicking ourselves over it) but I'd be hard pressed to decide which one would have died first. We also drove them like we could afford to buy 10 more that day and they couldn't be killed, despite zero maintenance and a life of torture.

1st Sep 2009, 00:30

***** 340000 MILE UPDATE!!! *****

Hey guys, this is my car I posted about all those years ago. I was talking about how great of a car it's been on another forum, and came by for an update. This Accord is still kicking butt! I don't beat her quiet as hard I did in the past, but what I consider driving easy most people find similar to Formula 1 racing. Haha. She still runs great. The trans still slips a little bit, but this Valvoline High Mileage trans fluid I started using offset some of the wear and tear. I've hit 2 more deer since my last post. So this car has taken out 4 deer so far. She doesn't look pretty, but I'm keeping her till the bitter end.

The only major work I've done since the last post is a timing belt/water pump. A half shaft and upper ball joints (lowers are still original and tight.) And I also broke my original gas mileage record this spring, getting 32mpgs on a very long trip. Go baby go.