24th Apr 2006, 10:50

Sorry. It was hard to realize your two points when you spent so much effort describing panel gaps. Face the facts: Nothing's as well built as it used to be. Even Hondas.

24th Apr 2006, 14:04

How you all get into that 'nm' scale? Better we should buy part from Honda and assemble them ourselves.

17th Jun 2007, 02:25

I'm an anal person, but I've never heard of anyone acutally going to their car and measuring panel gaps... this is coming from a guy who cleans his dash with Q-tips and tooth picks. wow

17th Jun 2007, 07:38

Wait til he finds out the average person has one foot larger than the other. Might have to adjust the foot pedals to accomodate this anomaly.

12th Nov 2007, 13:44

Maybe the road was no 100% level that's why you had the differences that you mentioned. I checked my car, same model, and found no faults.

13th Nov 2007, 19:37

I have a Honda Accord LX 2005 car manual shift car. I have driven manual shift cars, including a Honda Accord for more than 600,000 miles without any shifting problems. However, with my 2005 Honda Accord LX, I have trouble shifting into the reverse gear. Every second time I try to reverse, the clutch will shift to the right, but not backwards, without me finally forcing it.

Has anyone ever had a similar problem? This problem has existed since the car was new. I have had a Honda master mechanic familiar with manual transmissions look at it three times. The first two times I was told the car was new, it would work itself out. It hasn't. Now they are willing to replace the horizontal shift and the reverse shift. They are cautioning me that there is no assurance this won't happen again. Having driven my 1992 Honda Accord for 175,000 miles with no major problems, I am very unhappy with this problem. I have been worried about not being able to reverse and have only driven this car about 9,000 miles.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

14th Nov 2007, 09:15

My Honda Civic does that however I have 157,000 miles. For some reason I have to let the clutch in and out a few times for it to go into reverse gear. Even then it still grinds once in a while. my 1994 Accord with 258,000 miles does not do this. I talked to my dad and he says that all his cars have done that from his first car (a Javelin).

7th Jan 2008, 11:21

Interesting QC comments... see 2003 CRV entries.

23rd Mar 2008, 23:49

I bought Honda Certified car on Dec 2005 with 4700 miles. Now I have ~ 35K miles on it.

Current dealer found major set back in front wheels. Non uniform tire wear. The car pulls to the right. There are several random noises from front suspension and wheels. Feel like parts are falling apart.

Now the CARFAX shows that this is an case of undisclosed prior collision. It happened in Sep. Current dealer says part of my warranty (wheel and suspension) is no longer valid. They are suggesting me to go to a body shop. They refused to do any repair. A total loss of more than 27K. I got junk and got trapped in a car fraud deal. Shame on Honda who does not take proper action on those fraud dealers. No more Honda.

8th Apr 2008, 17:42

Regarding the difficulty shifting into reverse...

I had this problem on my 2000 Accord. Someone told me that the 2000 MT didn't have synchros for first and reverse gears. If the shifter would stick while trying to engage first or reverse, I would let out the clutch pedal *slightly* while putting pressure on the gearshift lever and it would engage the gear right away.

Not sure if this is the same on newer accords, but it could be. Give it a try; it might work.

With regard to the thread topic, I check body gaps too. Guess I'm odd, or maybe it is the hotrodder/restorer in me.

8th Apr 2008, 18:30

Maybe someone hit the back of your accord in the first 12 miles before you picked it up.

9th Apr 2008, 18:44

My 2002 Honda (ACURA TL-S) had actually previously ran into someone on a bicycle and was repaired prior to my buying it. The hood was replaced and front end repainted. I asked the Honda dealer prior to this specific purchase if it had a clean Car Fax and they said no issues. It was only 2 years at the time and very low mileage. That taught me to ask for a Car Fax and actually look at it in the future, not just take the dealers word on it. How did I find out? When I went to sell it myself I saw the report. It diminished its value greatly. I have not bought another car from this dealer since. I had bought a few cars from them prior and this was very upsetting.

12th Jul 2008, 20:13

OK, so, I'm thinking of buying a Honda Certified 2005 Accord EX-L V6 with 70,000 Km on it. Test drove it and found no issues. Gaps apart, should I get it or should I go with a Nissan Maxima?

5th Sep 2008, 12:50

As long as the car drives OK (let others also drive it) & it's checked over by a reliable mechanic, it should be fine. The body panel gap issue is more of a subjective/AR opinion. Unfortunately, the lack of "pride of workmanship" along with the "disposable" mentality shows in the final product... be it cars, electronics, clothing, etc. Hondas used to be $15K cars feeling like $25k cars (been through 10 from Civics to Accords to CRVs). They don't make them like they used to! Not sure what my next daily driver will be since all the brands are experiencing the same QC decline.