17th Jul 2007, 20:57

23:49, Both those repairs are pretty easy. An alternator replacement should take about half an hour or so, unless it's in some really weird, hard to get to location on your car, but I don't think so. Every Honda I've ever looked at under the hood had the alternator placed right on top and easy to get to.

The gasket is a fairly quick change also. Just make sure all the surfaces are scraped completely clean before putting the new gasket into place.

By the way, if you're changing the alternator, make sure you also change the serpentine belt if it hasn't ever been changed.

12th Aug 2007, 21:42

I Just recently got rid of my 1996 Honda Accord.

255,000 miles and no major problems.

Replaced only tires, radiator, battery, exhaust, air bag needed to be replaced, and all other basic fluid changes.

Not too bad considering the mileage.

I will stay with Honda I also own a 2001 accord and a 2005 Odyssey.

7th Dec 2007, 11:28

I read this review, and also had to make a comment about the transmission shifting hard. I have had my 96 Accord LX since I was 16, and drove it 36 miles a day to high school and back in LA traffic, and it would always shift extremely hard. I always complained, but whenever my dad drove the car, he said he had no problems, so I feel your pain.

I also had other problems with the transmission though, such as the car stalling (it's an automatic) when shifting into reverse, and a mechanic could find no problems..

22nd Mar 2010, 11:28

I've bought my 96 Accord 2 months ago. It has 152000 miles. Now it has 154000 and is very smooth. It has standard transmission. I get an average of 31mpg. I am very happy with my car, and I haven't had any problems so far.