1983 Honda City Turbo 1 1.2 SOHC 8v EFI turbo from Australia and New Zealand


A wolf in sheeps clothing


Clutch has started to slip badly.

Minor oil leak.

Surface rust in boot.

General Comments:

Mods: 13" turbo 2 rims, Autogauge boost gauge, aftermarket intake tube, Redline oil breather, Wildcat pod filter, 2 1/4" exhaust.

This car goes hard, and I have beaten several cars in drags including a 2.0l DOHC 16v Corona, RB20DE 2.0l DOHC 24v Berlina, 2.0l DOHC 16v VTEC Torneo SiR, 2.0l DOHC 16v Celica, 1.8l DOHC 16v Primera, 1.6l DOHC 16v FXGT, 1.6l DOHC 16v Integra, just to name a few.

Front leg room is in short supply, so if you are tall like me it will be very cramped in the front. This car has lots of storage compartments making it a very practical car as well as being easy to drive and park.

Handling is surprisingly good for an old ladies shopping trolley, having fully independent suspension standard, and the bigger wheels make the handling even better. There is little body roll, but when pushed too hard understeer will result, but it will still outhandle most cars.

These cars are a mechanics nightmare to fix when things go wrong as the engine bay is very cramped and there is hardly any room to work on.

When driven sensibly and serviced regularly these cars are much more reliable than other early 80's turbos and are unlikely to leave you stranded anywhere.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 4th October, 2006