1985 Honda City Pro - T 1.2L from Australia and New Zealand


I love my Honda City


Radiator hose and front driver side wheel bearing replaced within first 6 months.

Brake booster, master cylinder, handbrake cable, rear brake drum replaced at 39000ks (approx.).

Water pump, thermostat replaced after 1 year.

Timing belt, tensioner, oil seal replaced at 40000ks.

Minor oil leaking from head gasket since I bought it.

Seats wear badly.

Small leak from rear shocks.

General Comments:

Don't get freaked out with the items replaced.

I can say it's actually not too bad for a 23 years old car. And I think it's because the previous owner didn't take good care with the little car.

Bought this with $1.2k, and after spending another $1.5k on maintenance, my was City back to life, and gives me lots of fun to drive.

With the 1.2L engine, it accelerates fast from 0-60km/h, which is lots of fun.

However, without air-con is not really that fun in summer.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 27th July, 2008