1999 Honda City SX8 1.5 D15B7 from Malaysia


This car is highly recomended for those looking for a second hand car. The price is reasonable


My interior door panel was damaged due to age.

General Comments:

Good engine performance - top speed 175km/h.

Superb handling.

Good audio system.

Low fuel consumption (100km - 7.8 Litre) compared to my previous car.

The seat was comfortable - drove about 500km with no need to rest.

Spare parts are easy to find.

The design is still reasonable looking compared to the newest designs.

Best car ever I've been driven.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2011

1999 Honda City EXi 1.5 from India


Great car with enough mileage and power+reliability


No big problems.

Power steering needed servicing once.

Recently I had to replace the radiator, dunno if it was absolutely necessary.

Had to replace the front brake kits; piston was getting jammed. Very sparingly used. So I feel it causes more harm to your car if you use it so rarely.

Paint is very fragile. Scratches easily.

Road noise can be a bit disturbing, though the suspension is pretty good; you'll feel the road.

It's difficult to get in the driver's seat and out, without pushing the seat back. Should've kept 14 inch wheels. I feel that's the most stupid thing about this car.

General Comments:

It's a damn good car. Never want to sell it. Great pick up. Can drive it around like a sports car, at least in India :)

At the same time, you can drive it even below 30kmph without troubling the engine. First to second shift is a bit bumpy unless you release the clutch really carefully.

Good handling.

Maintenance is very little. I usually service only once in a year. Of course I run only 3k per year.

It's more for driving pleasure rather than passenger comfort. I guess that is applicable to other Hondas as well.

I get 18kmpl with the A/C on highways. I guess it's a bit tough to get on other saloons.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2010

24th Sep 2012, 07:50

Mine is a SX8 1300cc (D13B4). Small on the outside, but big on the inside... excellent engineering! Interior is just apt for every day use, exterior is aggressive yet gentle.

After market spare parts and accessories are abundant. Engine performance is superb, quick, and nimble. Fuel consumption is 9-10 KPL city driving and 15-16 KPL highway travel. A low maintenance car indeed.

The only downside is the door panels. Plastics easily crack & upholstery is prone to cuts.

This car is for keeps!