2000 Honda City LXi Stock 1.3 PGMFi from Philippines


The Type Z is the best of all the Honda City models


Plastic radiator top cover has been damaged over time; replaced with a more durable copper variant.

Compressor replaced with a bigger version.

Steering wheel has a soft spot which should normally be hard.

I didn't really like her small voiced horns.

Power windows wear over time.

Manual adjust side mirror levers are not so durable.

Wiper motor is jerky sometimes.

General Comments:

I am satisfied with the performance considering it has a small 1.3 engine driven by automatic transmission without an overdrive, she still obeys if you know her timing.

Spare parts are readily available; you can choose where to buy your aftermarkets - either original or semi-original.

The engine bay has a clean layout and hidden parts can easily be accessed.

It has a spacious interior, considering that the car is within the compact class.

The stock dashboard illumination is great.

Overall the car is fun to drive; it's easy to work around tight corners, even with a stock suspension.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2010

2000 Honda City EXi S MT 1.3 16-valve from Pakistan


Overall a nice and comfortable car


Nothing wrong!!!!!!!!

General Comments:

The car is good as compared to a new model.

A/C works very well.

We are driving on gas, but sometimes it gives problems on CNG.

Rears lights are ugly and the front lights are superb.

Interior is good.

Engine is powerful.

Ground Clearance is reasonable.

Reverse gear gives problems sometimes.

Overall a nice and comfortable car, and also durable.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2008

22nd Aug 2009, 00:48

What is your experience with LPG conversion with regard to its engine performance, maintenance & mileage?

2000 Honda City Type Z 1.5 from Malaysia


Excellent car handling and Excellent fuel economy!


My metal door handles are badly scratched due to wear and tear and probably age. I intend to change it though.

Other than that my electronic stuff like the back shades are spoilt!! but its small matter... the other electronic works great!

General Comments:

It handles like a Honda EKG Civic 1996-1999.

The Car is low and when you drive you can feel the road at your feet. You are stable when you take corners.

Pickup is great compared with other cars I've driven. I'm always faster than other cars when the light turns green.

Original made in Japan and Thailand parts and accessories are still widely available until today.

I Love the Rims! although its 14" but it looks damn awesome! Like the Honda Integra sports rims. Mine is the full Specs! So it has all these extras.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2006

19th Jul 2007, 04:42

City Type-Z has become so popular in Indonesia, especially for young people who likes street racing (lightweight, powerful engine & power-to-weight ratio)

2000 Honda City Lxi 16v DHOC from Singapore


It's an economical and a reliable car


Noisy tyres. Maybe I'm too used to handling my old Honda civic.

General Comments:

Mine is a 2000 model. It's comparatively cheap to maintain and fuel comsumption is comparatively low. A 40 tank of petrol can clocked 450km driving in Singapore city and 510km in Malaysia's expressway. My car has already travel more than 100,000 km and the engine is still at a healthy state.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2004

30th Sep 2005, 14:20

It is very funny to drive this car, but indeed it's very reliable.

11th Mar 2006, 05:01

Mine is also a 2000 year model. The only problem I encountered is the bushing and bearing in the air conditioner.

4th Mar 2007, 08:48

It's over 6 years now and the mileage has passed 180,000km. No problem so far. Still able to drive up to Genting Highlands with full loads and 4 passengers. Fuel consumption is still very good at 480km for a full tank of Octane 92 unleaded (blue label). maintenance lost is very low. Good car.

2000 Honda City ExiS 1.3 efi from Pakistan


High performance and loads of power at a cheap price



General Comments:

It is extremely comfortable with a good music system.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2004

2000 Honda City VTEC 1.5L from Singapore


Engine is a Peach


Driver's floor mat slowly slid under the clutch over time, causing a potential clutching problem initially until rectified simply by placing a non-slip mat underneath it to prevent slipping.

General Comments:

Great reliability.

Obeys when you wish to be a careful and frugal driver.

Also obeys when you want to have a little driving fun with your car.

Great engine performance, but don't ask too much out of a 1.5-litre Single Overhead Cam engine. This is NOT a Dual Cam VTEC.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2003