2002 Honda City 1.5 petrol from Sri Lanka


Great car for everyday use


The spark plug wires had to be replaced at about 48000Km mark. Replaced with four Honda originals from the dealer at almost 8000LKR. Service at the dealer was of course excellent and the staff were very knowledegably - they knew what to look at check for the problem I was having.

General Comments:

The car handles well and responds quite quickly for inputs.

However, the car could do with just a few more horse power. Pickup at lower RPMs is good, but higher RPM's are not so good.

The engine is great for fast moving traffic and for overtaking... however, driving in stop and go traffic is a bit difficult because the 1st gear ratio is too short and the 2nd gear ratio is a bit too tall. Going up mountains is not a problem, even when loaded with 5 people and luggage.

There are however small niggles – seat belt shoulder height can’t be adjusted, the windshield washer does not automatically switch on the wipers, there’s no steering wheel adjustment, front seat don’t adjust back enough, coin holders aren’t big enough, etc. The A/C cools extremely well, but seems like the side vents are not spaced properly as the air hits the drivers and passengers shoulder more than going to the rear. These may seem like nitpicking, but some of them get to be quite irritating on the long run.

On the whole, it’s a great car. The seats are comfortable and the pick up is good too. Fuel economy is very good - although I only get about 12km/ltr, but that in heavy traffic and driving with a heavy foot. The trunk/dickie has a good amount of room plus there’s a full size spare. After owning two other Hondas (both Civics), the City has isn’t limitations, but is still a very nice car.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2006

2002 Honda City EXIS 1.3 from Pakistan


Very nice car


There is continuous sound coming from dashboard (meter area) for first 20-30 km in the morning, during winter. According to one mechanic, its meter's oil not working properly in cooler conditions.

After CNG conversion, RPMs go down in neutral gear, which results in few problems off and on.

General Comments:

Very good car, but I think Honda should also introduce some more economical/ low powered cars in Pakistan.

Factory fitted CNG cars should also be availabe, considering the high prices of petrol.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2006

2002 Honda City Vtec 1.5 SOHC from Singapore


I really enjoy owning this car!


Headlamp lenses became dirty on the inside surface within the first month, probably due to a seal leak. Somewhat noisy - road noise from wheel wells and wind noise from driver side window. Paint job isn't very scratch resistant. Swirl marks become obvious very quickly, within the first 2 months or so. Original tires were noisy (Thai-made Bridgestones), but the car handled pretty good nonetheless.

Other than that, no problems.

General Comments:

This car is such a joy to own. The seats are nice and supportive, and the fuel economy makes me laugh with glee. I get up to 15.5 kilometers a litre.

I upgraded to 15" wheels and relatively cheap Falken ST-115 performance tires. Now the car handles much better and is quieter too. Also added on a voltage stabilizer and some fuel magnets. I get a little better mileage now (2% or so).

What I'd really like to know is if the car comes stock with gas or oil shocks?

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Review Date: 10th February, 2005

12th Oct 2008, 10:19

How come yoy get such a mileage out of your V tech 1.3 is OK but v tech strange???

4th Dec 2010, 00:13

Good economical car for Sri Lanka, but the engine is noisy compared to other cars.

2002 Honda City Vtec 1.5 from India


You pay for the engineering and the performance, not the kit


Black paint seems to be soft. Lot of light scratches apparent. Other than that, nothing else.

General Comments:

Car is lightly jerky at low speeds, but that is inherent.

Interior is well made, but very minimal - am not complaining.

Car might seem expensive, but three months on I do not feel burnt.

Car corners wells. Suspension might be simple, but it tells you what is happening and you feel part of the experience.

Too fast for India traffic.

Fuel economy is much better than my Suzuki Alto (maruti Zen) in town.

Never opened the bonnet until three weeks ago to top up wiper fluid.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2002

14th Feb 2004, 20:08

Fuel Economy--Takes more than 600kms to totally expend the gas tank on a Honda City 1.3

Safety--Crashed it on the back of a Toyota Camry. Crumple zone works!

4th Feb 2005, 06:16

I am using HONDA CITY Ex since July 2004. To my delight it showing excellent fuel economy - around 14 km/lit - under Indian city traffic conditions. No problems have ever been faced with this car. Also, the car is quite silent under city drive conditions, though on express way driving between Ahmadabad and Baroda the engine noise at around 130 km/hr is perceptible although not irritating. Road handling too is excellent under expressway driving. Overall the car is a real value for money.

14th Nov 2005, 02:41

I own a Honda City 1.5 Exi (2002). The car is prodigious. It handles itself well in hairpin bends and through the ghat section. You do not have to shift to a lower gear to overtake in highway. Its got the smooth run like a bullet train on a highway.

Things of concerns would be of the low base. So care to be taken in speed breakers, road craters. The power of this car is awesome. So be careful and keep your eyes wide open in city. As the smallest push on the throttle will zoom your car.

9th Oct 2006, 02:44

I own a Honda City 1.5 Exi. It's a car of its class. The engine is smooth, quick on the slightest throttle, handles curvy roads and uphills.


30th Jan 2009, 06:44

I drive a 2002 Honda City 1.5 (vti v-tech). The car runs just awesome, it handles pretty well upon corners and accelerates fast! Great car...