2003 Honda City 1DSI from Trinidad and Tobago


Worth the money


Bushings on front have gone bad.

General Comments:

I love Hondas' and I particularly like this car. It is small fast, accelerates well, good gas mileage and the room for such a small vehicle is amazing. Go Honda.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2008

2003 Honda City EXi 1.5 from India


The best drivers car in India

General Comments:

If anyone says the honda city is an expensive to maintain car, then there must be something seriously wrong with the driving style... parts are expensive alright, but there are not many things that can go wrong with a Honda so if you are a good driver, you can run on a very low budget. I have some friends who bought the new City (GXi) and everyone has a different mileage... ranging from 10 KM/L to 18 KM/L... the new cars needs to be driven in a certain style to extract the best mileage... Otherwise, I have never been happier abut any other car...

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2005

9th Oct 2005, 11:05

The mileage of honda as spelt out ranges from 10 km per L to 18 -- this very vast bracket -- no matter what the style of driving --- this is very vast bracket -- There has to be some thing more to it -- Perhaps no proper tuning and adjustments which result in this phenomenon. I am experiencing this low mileage fault since purchase and despite visits to Honda workshop. It is giving 9.5 / 10 km L!!

17th Jan 2006, 11:49

Maybe you didn't run in properly during the first 10,000. mileage. I read somewhere that if you ram the engine before the run in, it will effect the fuel consumption and even the response after that and it is permanent.

20th Oct 2012, 01:47

Good car, and very good mileage on the highway.

2003 Honda City LX 1.7 from North America


The car healed with the time


In the first 6 months:

The front shocks absorber have been changed 2 times because of leaking.

A lot of rattles from the roof. It have been completely re-pad and my car stayed at the dealer for 3 days.

Rattles from the dash: the blower fan have been replaced.

Noise from the automatic trans-axle at the second gear. It happened 3 times and stop by itself.

General Comments:

I was very disappointed in the first 6 months and I had a lot of regrets that I changed my previous car which was a civic SE 2000. In 3 years, I had no problem at all with that car.

But, after more than 37,000 of kilometers with my civic 2003 and all my previous problems fixed, I must say that I like this car.

It's comfortable, economic, fun to drive and I finally feel save with it.

Thanks to the dealer and the technicians who have been very comprehensive and always listening my complaints. The dealer also gave me 75.00$ for compensation.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2004

24th Apr 2006, 09:43

I'm back to follow up on my first review. I own my car for 3 years now with 73,000 km. The trunk has to be repainted last year because of rust and that's all. I make every recommended maintenance (about each 8,000 km) and my car is like a brand new one.

Al tough the fact I like my car, I expect to change it for a 2006 civic coupe in the fall. I had a test drive with this new one and I was very delighted.

I'll come back again later in fall to give you some news about it.