2006 Honda City iDsi 1.3 from Pakistan


Used a City IDSi for approximately 1 year, mileage 21,000.

Noticed advantages:

Roomy interior.

Interesting, out of the box exterior styling.

Out of the box interior.

Large car for the money, with a roomy interior.

Fuel mileage high if kept below 80.

Even the base model comes fully loaded.


Poor handling, cornering (even with replaced imported tires).

Poor high speed stability (the car seems to be going much faster than it really is).

Poor braking, almost as bad as that of Corolla (I am really surprised at comments rating the brakes as high).

Interior of the car does not seem to be durable enough, and also appears cheap and poorly stamped. Needs improvement in materials. Door panels seem to be cheap and poorly stamped?? Attention to detail??? I think not.

Rough ride on even smooth roads.

Flexible body structure. Rattles from the body. Dashboard shakes.

Constant corrections to the steering are needed to keep the car going in a straight line.

Only 2 poor sounding speakers in a Rs. 840,000 car?

Poor quality cassette player radio in a 840,000 rs car?? Come on Honda. This is too much to absorb.

Executive summary for prospective buyers:

I also have a 2004 Santro and a Corolla 2004 (1300cc GLi). My overall impression is that although the Corolla has its shortcomings, an XLi makes for a better car than the City. My Corolla certainly feels tighter and more solid even after 70000 km than the one year old City. Given the choice, I am likely to opt for a Corolla in the 1300cc segment. The Corolla 1300cc has a better pickup, and handles better except for the brakes.

If you're on a budget (less than Rs. 350,000), try to find a Suzuki Margalla; it makes for a GREAT car. Good predictable brakes, excellent high speed stability, beautiful pickup even on CNG, smooth drive. The Suzuki Margalla remains the best kept secrets in Pakistan. Try to find one in good original condition, and you are really gonna enjoy its generally beautiful drive; a car that feels rock solid stable even at 140.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2007

2006 Honda City 1.5V 1.5 VTEC from Philippines


Best locally available sub-compact sedan


None so far.

General Comments:


1. Great Engine for the buck!

It's a mere 1.5L w/c still requires break-in, and yet, it performs way better than my Lancer GLXi w/a 1.6L engine. Driving uphill to Tagaytay, w/4 adults and 1 child, it zooms upward at 80KMH with ease. And I am barely stepping on the accelerator.

2. Comfortable, yet sporty suspension - Even if I sometimes couldnt stay away form road cracks and pot holes, its no problem as the suspension absorbs the impact like a Nissan Super Salon. Yet, it will not understeer on tight corners.

3. 7 speed mode w/manual shifting capability rocks! - Lately, I've been a lazy driver who prefers a no-brainer automatic over sporty manual. But manual shifting capability allows me to cut through some rude Truck Drivers who hogs the road at low speed while trying to prevent you from overtaking.

4. Optitron Gauges keeps you posted on all critical information.

5. Acceptable Aircon Performance.

6. Ample legroom considering it's a sub-compact.

7. Very Silent Cabin.


1. Very minimal feedback from Electronic Power Steering.

2. YOU CAN'T SEE THE FRONT/HOOD - Dashboard is a bit higher than usual and too "deep". With its sloped hood, you cannot see the hood no matter how high you adjust the seats. Makes you think twice before squeezing on tight corners.

3. Poor Audio Sound System - Speakers is barely acceptable, MP3 player is too weak, with only bass and trebel control. No Remote.

4. No stand-alone clock.

5. LOW-profile 185/55R15 tires - At least a 185/65R15 tire could have done better. low profile tires look good, but risks "breaking" the rims if you failed to avoid deep potholes.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2006

12th Jun 2006, 06:16

Its been two weeks and I finally got the Plate Number, Insurance Policy, and LTO Stickers. However, I have to wait a few more days for the original copy of the OR/CR.

The car has just reached 640KM. Fuel Mileage is starting to improve from a meager 8.5KM/L to an acceptable 11.5KM/L. That's a mixed stop and go traffic, mostly uphill with 3 to 4 persons on board.

But of course, nothing is perfect:

Puny little horn - can hardly be heard by stubborn pedestrians who used to walk in the middle of the road.

Wiper Blade sucks - I have got to replace it with a Bosch. If it only came with a standard size.

But still, I'm happy with this car. Looking forward to having this baby dressed up (when I have the money)

13th Jan 2007, 21:24

The new honda city come with lot's of noise on it's dashboard and also the steering area.

The noise is not that high, but sometimes is annoying especially when you don't ON your radio.

18th Feb 2007, 07:24

My first complaint about this car is the noise coming from the transmission( service adviser word). The sound is very irritating. Noise is heard as soon as you reach 70 kph, and it stays from that speed onwards. The second complaint is the knocking sound whenever you step on the brake lightly. When brought for service, I was informed that they just cleaned the brake system. The knocking sound will go away for about 3 weeks, then it will come back again. This has been going through for more than a year already. Honda has no clear explanation about this knocking sound.