2009 Honda Civic LX 1.8L i-VTEC SOHC from North America


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General Comments:

For the several months I have had this car, this car has been OUTSTANDING. I absolutely love it. Gets 35-40 MPH with an enormous 4 gallon reserve tank. Has nice pick up, and it's awesome to wave at everyone else driving one.

The digital two-tiered gauges light up like a symphony when the ignition is turned. Simply put, it's beautiful.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2012

2009 Honda Civic LX-SR 1.8 from North America


Terrible gas mileage!


The gas mileage is horrible. I had a 2001 Civic that I was getting over 600 kms to a tank around town, and at least 800 kms on the highway. Now I have this 09 Civic and I only get about 300 kms to a tank around town, and about 600 kms on the highway. I know the car only has 3200 kms, but I'm pretty sure I should be getting better gas mileage than this?

Road noise is very bad, but it may be caused by the studded winter tires I have on there.

The car is full of cracks and rattles. Dealer says that there is nothing wrong, but it definitely does not sound good/right.

Transmission is very jumpy, and when driving down a steep hill, the transmission tends to drop back into second gear, causing the rpms to jump up to 5000, I'm also sure that this is not supposed to happen, is it?

Dealer says that's the way it should be?

General Comments:

Other than the road noise, cracks and rattles coming from the car, the interior of the car is great!

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Review Date: 5th February, 2010

15th Feb 2010, 17:09

Take the car to another Honda dealership, pronto. Your current dealer is giving you the run-around.

22nd Feb 2010, 18:25

My 2009 Honda Civic does the same thing when I go down big hills. (Other person who commented) are you sure that is not suppose to happen? I want my transmission replaced under warranty if so.

17th Sep 2010, 12:00

With regards to the transmission issue, that is normal for Civics. Both my 2005 and 2009 have done that. I can guarantee that your transmission is not about to go, as it did that on my 2005 for the 4 years I had it, and the transmission still shifted like new by the end of my lease. Now if your Civic was a 2002, I might be worried, as the reviews suggest that 2002 was a bad year for Honda's transmissions.

25th Feb 2011, 21:39

The transmission is supposed to do that. It's downshifting when you are braking and going downhill. Well, I don't know if it actually detects whether your car also at a downhill angle, but I have a Civic and it does this. I used to drive stick, and if you ask anyone else who also drives stick, this is a helpful thing to do. It provides engine braking by having the wheels turn the engine, just compressing air in the cylinders with minimal fuel (less than or equal to the amount injected in idle mode). This makes your brakes last longer and places you in the correct gear early for the impending slowdown. The car's computer adjusts to your driving style, and if you pay attention, it only does it when you are also braking, so that it's only when you intend to slow down.

I do not have any sources to cite for this as of yet, but I will post again when I have a chance to look at my manual. I'm pretty sure I also read it in there. If I find it, I'll tell you which page, otherwise you can look for it yourself.

2009 Honda Civic Si 2.0 VTEC from North America


Good car, but not for the sports car enthusiast


- Some of the adhesive is deteriorating (ie: the panel around the rear license plate, some of the areas near the added body-lip-kit *this is dealer/aftermarket)

- Plastic pieces make a "rattling" sound (dashboard when hitting high speeds; sunroof at all times)

- Some of the paint is peeling (interior side of trunk door)

- 3rd gear of transmission is "choppy".

General Comments:

When I purchased this car, I was looking for something that was good on gas, a daily-driver, and still would have some fun if I needed it. It does all these very well.

I normally get 23-26 MPG mixed driving (mostly highway, but shovelling it on the highway). It's good for going back and forth to work, but the transmission in 3rd is tough to hit sometimes (known problem by Honda).

As far as fun is concerned, it does have that... to a point. Since it's FWD, it's somewhat limited on its potential. No matter how fast you want to get it, it couldn't compete w/the higher-class type of vehicles (Corvette, M3, Porsche, Mach-1, WS-6, etc.). On the contrary, it does have many upgrades you can add to it and can have fun doing it (though it'll cost you).

I must say the V-TEC is a kick. If I were keeping it, I'd invest in a FlastPro though (this lowers the V-TEC starting RPM). In my opinion, the body style has much to be desired.

It does handle well (though I put the HFP suspension and lip kit on there).

I did check insurance prices before I purchased, so new it was definitely HIGHER than pretty much every other car out there, due to their theft rating. (They ARE safe vehicles, however.)

Reliability is good drivetrain-wise, but not for the little squeaks and rattles.

However, at the bottom line, I would've rather spent $26k on a higher performance vehicle, and sacrificed only a couple of MPG's while doing so (the Si only doing 23-26 is bad for a 4-cylinder -- in my opinion, of course).

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2010

25th Jan 2010, 14:02

You should have gone with a WRX. Your $26K would have netted you a 265 hp car with AWD. I had a 2005 and it was flawless for the three years I had it and it was also amazing in the snow. I was averaging about 26 mpg mixed with mine. The only drawback was the super unleaded requirement, but the fun factor countered that nicely.

18th Feb 2010, 07:31

The SI uses super as well, so I agree the WRX is a serious competitor.

8th Sep 2010, 15:08

Comparing a SI with a sports car is ridiculous. Comparing an SI to a Sentra SPEC-V, Cobalt SS, etc.. in its same class.

It's not because at the end of the day it's just a civic. ANY CAR can be modded to keep up with a sports car. I had an older 00' hatch with bolt-ons plus a B18c5 engine; it ran 14 secs in 1/4. The newer ones just aren't the same.

Plus most high end 4cyl's run premium gas.