2011 Honda Civic Hybrid from North America


The only cool thing is the steering wheel


The engine lugs when cold, and surges under light acceleration.

General Comments:

My biggest issue with this car is the overly complicated climate control system. One button for recirculate, another button for outside air, and another for automatic climate control. Yet they only give you one button to control where the air blows. So you have to take your eyes off the road to watch the digital display, and push the button a certain number of times until you get it blowing where you want it. It's totally silly and frankly dangerous to try to use, because it takes so much attention. There is no simple on/off for the AC, instead you have a round dial for temp, but you can't give it a quick twist, because the display is digital and the numbers change at their own speed.

The other issue is the gauges are also needlessly complicated. There is a toggle switch to switch between mpg and engine temp. I think it's a good idea to know engine temp all the time, and there is plenty of room on the dash to have both gauges.

Being a hybrid, you would think it would run on electric a lot more, but it's pretty much just when you stop, and you feel it when you start and stop. It is not smooth.

The things I do like are the contrasting interior colors, the large interior volume and the very cool looking steering wheel.

Other than that, it's a boring car that will probably be a reliability nightmare, with all those hybrid electronics that don't seem to work well to begin with.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2011

3rd Feb 2011, 04:28

Yeah, I've often wondered how reliable these hybrids will be when they get old. What kind of money would you be looking at for a replacement electric motor and batteries? I drive a 2L turbo diesel Ford Focus that has almost hybrid fuel economy, is much faster, handles better and uses proven technology. Here in Australia, taxi owners are buying hybrid Priuses and Camrys, and also TDI Jettas. Although VW have their problems, I'm willing to bet the diesels will outlive the hybrids.