2013 Honda Civic LX 1.8 from North America




Drive by wire is faulty. Hesitates on acceleration. Dealer says, "two footed driving method issue". But it is intermittent; if two footed driving is the issue, why would it be intermittent?

Performance wise: Going up a steep grade, it won't come out of 3rd gear without releasing pressure on the pedal. Even after leveling out grade wise.

My major complaint is the hesitation. Almost to a scary level, on left turns or trying to pass a vehicle.

General Comments:

I would not buy a Civic again unless it was the sport stick shift model.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2015

14th Sep 2015, 12:56

Intermittent: apparently, the dealer has determined that sometimes you remember to take your left foot off the brake pedal, and other times, you don't.

28th Feb 2016, 04:17

Not only the dealer gave you a typical lie, but he also found supporters here on site. Search for another dealer who is more responsible or search on Google or Honda forums about this issue.

29th Feb 2016, 17:09

Honda has sold a lot of Civics over the last 40 years. Some good, some bad. For many buyers 2013 wasn't a bad year. But sounds like it didn't work for you. Hopefully the all new designed 2016 is a winner. Because Honda says they are going back to making good, solid, fun Civics again. Also the cars will be build in Canada and Indiana, so hopefully it won't have some teething problems the Mexican built newly designed Fit had in its first year. But for me, buying a first year newly designed car from any car maker is just too unpredictable.

2013 Honda Civic ES-T 1.6 i-DTEC turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


You will not regret getting a new Civic 1.6 diesel


Nothing to date.

General Comments:

These are great cars. I have the 1.6 diesel and it is very nippy, but gets great economy; the best I've averaged so far in 11k miles is 77 MPG (based on brim to brim calculations); this was with 'super' diesel, which does seem to increase MPG. Typically it averages about 68 MPG (the trip computer often shows 80+ MPG) with regular diesel, but for some reason Shell diesel seems better for the economy.

It rides and handles well in 'real world' conditions, and the split rear window really isn't a problem; I'd even miss it as it cuts out headlight glare from cars behind.

The car is quiet and refined on journeys, despite what some magazines say, as the car has a very low drag coefficient, which really isolates you from the outside world with little to no wind noise, and muted tyre noise. The 1.6 diesel hardly loses any performance to the 2.2, but the much better economy and the free road tax is a bonus.

My only niggles are the driver's armrest on the door is not padded, so can get uncomfortable for the elbow on long journeys, and if I was being really picky, the seats could be a bit more comfortable on long journeys. Even though it has a useful reversing camera, there are no rear sensors on my model, which would be handy as it's difficult to know where the rear is when reversing.

I haven't visited the dealer yet, but will do so soon for its first 12.5k service; it is included in my lease deal, so should be free! The car has used no oil so far, which is unusual with new engines; it is now starting to loosen up nicely in fact.

The boot is excellent, the seats fold totally flat, and it's surprising what the under floor storage compartment will hold. I'd recommend at least the ES trim as you get everything you need such as dual zone climate etc. I have the optional T model, which adds sat nav, which is very easy to use. Of course if you have no need for sat nav, then the ES is the pick I'd say; the EX model will add leather, heated seats and reversing sensors.

In summary, a very easy car to live with and a pleasant place to while away long journeys, all in a car that is refreshingly different to the numerous Golfs and Focuses one sees everywhere.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2014

6th Oct 2016, 18:52

Original poster here, just an update. The car is now on 60k miles and has been excellent. No issues at all, never missed a beat and consistently averages about 65 MPG (brim to brim calculation), the best has been 77 MPG, the worst 59 calculated the same way. The car uses no oil between the 12.5k service intervals.

Still on original rear tyres (probably change them in the next 1k miles or so) and the fronts lasted 47k miles. Rear pads were changed at the 37.5 k service, apparently it's a quirk of these cars that they need replacing before the fronts, but it's still on original front pads and they still seem to have a good few thousand miles left in them.

No rattles, squeaks of any kind and still feels tight. Boot holds a surprising amount, especially with the seats folded, I've had an old fire, single bed, mattress and large flat pack in the back (I did have to use bungees to hold boot down with the bed however!).