29th Jul 2001, 08:26

I like everything on my 2001 Civic, except the automatic tranny! I can't stand it! The dealer told me that there has not been any problem with the auto tranny at all. They changed my tranny fluid thinking that might help? I have 10000 miles on it, and it seems to want to rev up just a little in the final gear shift. Also at parking lot speeds it seems to want to downshift (bog), and then stay in the same gear. Way annoying. Also seems to want to stay in too low of a gear for a while.

30th Jul 2001, 12:22

I have a 2001 Honda Civic EX. I have had NO problems with my car, and it has been excellent since purchase date.

13th Aug 2001, 18:46

My 2001 Honda Civic LX Sedan (Canada) is not even half the car that my 1995 Accord EX or my 1991 Civic DX were. I'm just plain disgusted with Honda and with my dealer for the poor after sales service I received. My car was in the shop for 3 weeks after I bought it to correct various problems with its welding and assembly in the factory. Despite my safety concerns, Honda refused to replace my 2 month old car. Next time I'll shop at Mazda, Toyota or Nissan.

23rd Aug 2001, 09:21

I purchased a new 2001 Civic Ex coupe on January 20 and even purchased the environmental protection package (waste of money?) and the extended warranty (another waste?).

It is now mid August and I have some big problems. The paint (Inca Yellow Pearl) on the passenger side in four places is cracking (crow's feet). I am completely getting the run around and my next move is to contact Honda's Customer Service Dept. Please, please email me with any related news from your Honda vehicle at crashandburn420@hotmail.com so that I have more ammo against Honda to make this problem go away!


15th Jan 2002, 03:39

I bought a 2001 Civic Ex on June 3rd. I really wanted a Jetta, but everyone told me VWs are not as reliable as hondas, I am not so sure. So I bought a Honda. Since I bought my car I have had several problems with it. I have 8000 miles on it. Here goes all the problems...

The lining in my windshield was loose,

Tthe glass to the sunroof was "defective", it made a grinding sound when you opened it.

The airbag light came on in my car, I took it into the shop and they told me the airbags were defective so it spent nearly a month getting a new airbag system.

The brakes made a whistling sound in the morning, as if the pads were worn down, they claimed it was due to overheating, and that it was the manufacturers fault, not mine.

The front right shock was leaking. it sounds like the clicking noise everyone talks about when they go over a bump or take a sharp turn.

And last, the front passenger window needed a new motor. The guy at the dealership told me that many of the new civics have had the brake and leaking shock problem.

Is anyone else having as many problems as I am having?

I am 18, and this is my first car. I am completly upset with this car. Is there a way I can receive an extended warranty?

24th Jan 2002, 13:53

I feel the same way you guys are feeling. I have a Honda Civic LX and after the second month of having it, I started hearing a weird noise in the engine, usually when I have the A/C on and come to a complete stop.

Also, when I go over bumps I hear a squeaky noise in the front right wheel. It's unbelievable. I take the damn car to the dealership to get fixed and everyone tells me that they can't do anything about it. This will be definately my first and last Honda! Please, if anyone else has the same problem I am having, email me at mleo16@yahoo.com

28th Jan 2002, 03:57

Sorry everyone else seems to have some problems, but I have had no serious problems or repairs to my 2001 ex. I also am not fond of the AT, but many of the quirks everyone is referring to are downshifts to improve fuel economy. I still own a 1992 Acura Integra, a great Honda product--175600 hard miles and still runs like a top. Remember that Hondas, if nothing else, are built to last. They'll peel, leak, rattle, and shift erratically FOREVER.

3rd Jul 2002, 23:15

Recently bought 2002 Honda Civic LX SE 4-door (Canadian Version).

Many problems to report:

1) Structure/sub-frame (right side) of car feels not rigid (hence suspect damage either at the factory, poor quality control at factory or during transport).

2) Suspension -- car is not stable when driving goes either way. At first to the left, than to the right and now ALL over the road (had 4-wheel alignment twice and a new tire installed -- issue still unresolved).

3) Steering is light and over bumps uncontrollable.

4) Brakes feel light.

5) Automatic transmission is horrible -- lack of pickup even is D3.

6) Service at this particular dealership is a horror story:

-- Car has been brought in 5 times in the last month concerning these issues of which no ones seems to know or care! Got the usu. run-around saying that the car is fine meanwhile the car drifts to the right (Spoke with owner of dealership hence the new tire, though currently drifting to the left and right..Argghhh!!!)

-- Took another 2002 Honda Civic LX SE 4-door sedan for a test drive at the same dealership and it handled the way a Honda should, it was beautiful!

Mentioned this to the owner of dealership, told me to contact Honda Canada. Of course gave me wrong number (run-around #2). Contacted Honda Canada using the phone # in the service book and filed several complaints concerning this car and dealership.

-- Run-around #3 Wanted service-manager to test the same car I tested in the last paragraph, was told that it had been sold so he tested another Civic however NOT the same model. Arrived at the dealership later on and found that the previous car that I tested was in fact NOT sold and was at the lot, Hmmm... Had service manager test the car with me! Service manager noted differences between the problem car and the other 2002 Honda Civic LX SE 4-door (the one that supposingly was sold!!!).

-- Contacted Honda Canada to explain the situation stipulating that there are issues with Honda Civic LX SE 4-door sedan as compared to the other supossingly sold-one on the lot (noted in file so far with Honda Canada).

-- Run-around#4 Ask dealership to trade cars and problem would be resolved - I would be a happy customer. Both cars mileage have approx. 5000 to 6000 km on them. This looked promising with service manager however NOT with owner of dealership hence more run-around and lies (hung-up phone too!!!) -- this leaves me very disappointed at owning a Honda.

-- Will be talking to Honda Canada tomorrow!

19th Nov 2002, 12:13

I have a 2001 Honda Civic Ex Coupe. I've been having problems with the brakes. I had someone else drive it to see if it had a problem and they said that it did. It feels light when you break and it doesn't break very well. I just had my brake pads changed too and it still feels the same. I don't know where else to turn to. I was wondering if anyone else had this particular problem. If so, they should recall the cars and check to see what causes this problem. Also, my brakes make a sound when I start the car in the mornings.