24th Sep 2005, 12:35

I have been involved with Civics (1973-1984) since building one for UK rallying in 1977. There must be a trail of 30 in my past, one way or another. My current road car is a 1973 model bought in January 2005 with 15,000 (fifteen thousand) miles from new. It has now covered a further 7,000 in 6 months and has been utterly reliable, even down to its original tyres, and possibly original air in them. Unreliability as mentioned elsewhere? Phooey, they run like Swiss watches. I have probably covered more than 450,000 miles overall, including a couple of Triumph Acclaims.

15th Oct 2005, 03:33


I'm going to have fun embarrassing all of those 5.0 Mustang owners in town.

End quote.

Unless there is a crazy amount of boost involved I don't think that will be happening.

30th Jan 2006, 00:34

I special ordered my 1976 Honda Civic 1500 5 speed and took delivery in November of 1976. It has been a very reliable car for all these years and very inexpensive to operate. The head gasket blew at 29,000 miles and was covered by a recall warranty, so that cost me nothing. I had some carburetor problems after 100,000 miles, but those disappeared when I installed a Weber replacement unit. Everything was great until a few months ago when I got rear ended by a big four wheel drive pickup. Their insurance wants to total it, but I am considering getting the damage repaired even though it will cost more than the $3600 that I paid for the car brand new. The car is fun to drive, economical and turns heads these days because they are getting rare on the road. In recent years it has been a spare car to drive when needed, or just for fun.

2nd Mar 2006, 07:16

Actually off hand they only weigh 700 pounds... add a 1.8ltr...wow...now that's POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO!