23rd Apr 2007, 16:53

No..actually the CX is the best model to modify since it has no extra weight. No a/c, no power steering. this car is made to be light, so you stick a better engine under the hood with some turbos and there you have it.. your ready to go!!

4th May 2007, 08:36

The Civic CX from this generation is an awesome car to build. It has unreal handling with upgraded suspension, its real light, and is damn fast with the right modifications. The Type R motor is a perfect swap... Easy to install (including Power Steering) and loads of fun. The best part is beating the ignorant fool next to you @ a red light with ease...

I don't agree with the author's idea of performance modifications being cheap though, unless you're LOADED.

11th Jun 2007, 00:42

PS can be installed with an Integra or civic PS steering rack & Civic SI lines. GSR/Type R racks are best. The pump, belt, lines, and all that jazz come with the integra motor. Pretty easy, awesome upgrade. As far as swaps go, this an easy one as the EG civic and the integra share similar chassis designs. The Integra motor will drop right in, the axles fit, and the wiring isn't overly complicated. There are no transmission issues. Stiff suspension is pretty uncomfortable, but loads of fun. IMHO if you want to do this, comfort should be a low priority. It's a race car for the street.

27th Jan 2009, 13:28

Funny, I just bought a 1993 Honda Civic HB CX and I wouldn't want power steering or a more powerful engine. It does good uphill with 3 full size adults in it. I haven't had 4 adults in it yet, but 3 is the same as driving empty.

No power steering means better fuel mileage, less weight from the extra parts and it robs power from the engine to turn the power steering belt. I used to have a Mazda B2200 with non-power steering, and it was awesome on gas and the engine lasted quite a while for being at about 670,000kms... that's not a misprint!

Any extra stuff the engine has to spin (fan, P/S, etc) will rob power and cause it to use more fuel, and the engine will inevitably wear out quicker.

I got my Civic CX for 1 thing; transportation to work for as cheap as possible. With gas and insurance added together, it's still cheaper than taking public transportation.

I can't believe it www.fueleconomy.gov has this 1993 Civic HB rated at 43 MPG... the 2009 Civic hybrid gets 42 MPG.

Why are they not making more cars like this???

I filled my tank up, including the filler neck, I topped it right up, I've done 150kms already and the fuel gauge is still on Full. $37 to fill it and I'm going to see how many KMs I get out of a tank.

The money I save on gas can be put towards fixing this thing up and insurance to drive it, and it's like so much savings.

Compared to a full size SUV with a V8, it's like getting your parts and insurance free with what you can save on gas.

$600 a month on gas or $80.

23rd Dec 2009, 01:24

Depends what you want. It's a great grocery getter that keeps cash in the bank. It's also a killer sports car with the right stuff.

The beauty of tinkering with Hondas is that many cars and parts are interchangeable. Long live the CX Civic.