16th May 2003, 15:31

My Dad's 84 Accord has over 190000 miles. Original drive-train. Engine has never been opened. Clutch went at 150000+. Gaskets are beginning to leak. This isn't just one example. Many Hondas have several hundred thousand miles. Some American cars of similar age may have the same amount of miles, but there aren't nearly as many examples as with Honda.

American cars sometimes have better fit and finish than a Civic has. The Civic is an economy car; it has economy packaging.

If you want better, buy an Accord, or an Acura. If it still feels poorly built, Toyotas have a heavier feel, like the American autos that "Detroit" keeps churning out.

If you want economy and need really heavy duty packaging, buy a used tank, or a sixties American car. Ah redundancy.

9th Oct 2005, 20:16

You obviously don't know what you are talking about comparing a Ford Focus to a Honda Civic.

26th Jul 2006, 11:38


Please, go buy the Ford, I don't want your comments here on a good car.

All you have to do is look at the # of smiley faces for any model Honda, then go look at Ford's FROWN pages!

Sorry, Charlie... WRONG.

We've had dozens of Honda's since the late 70's, and never a lemon, although it is bound to happen to someone, this, I think, was YOU and not the car. Also, you have to maintain a car. I find most think maintenance is turning the key and complaining when it won't go more!

27th Jul 2006, 23:07

Maintenance is the key in everything here. Hondas wear out around 200-250K everytime, regardless of over maintenance. They usually make it there, but by the time they're there, ka-put.

I've had 4 Hondas and I do not EVER WANT ONE AGAIN!!! Except maybe the NSX. Gotta admit that it's a gorgeous car. I've had 3 Civics and 1 Accord. The Accord was alright. The finish inside of the Civics (88-99 just plain sucks. I've had THREE, so don't say I don't know what I'm talking about.

I've had 4 Domestic cars, and I think I'm hooked. 330K on my unopened Ford engine, I want to see a Honda that does that well and drive as well as my Ford. 215K on my Taurus, no problems, and it doesn't even seem tired like so many of my Hondas did at this mileage.

American all the way, comfy, reliable, and sturdy.

28th Jul 2006, 19:20

There are plenty of them around. I see many Honda's and Acura's and Toyota's with well over 300,000 miles. When I am at the junkyard I only see ones that are either too old; their life taken by rust or I see them from a horrendous crash. Now I think it is biased to say that Honda's will not make it past 250,000. Now let us think of all those poor Fords that had their trannys go or the whole engine. I have had a few Fords and they did just that. Maintenance? Yes! Quality control the problem? YES!

14th Nov 2006, 23:23

Well, folks - please don't compare Honda's to perfection - compare it to alternatives - a friend of mine is a Ford fanatic (or he's just too proud to buy a Japanese car) anyways, his 1995 Ford Taurus barely made it past the warranty period - I think around 60,000kms...the engine went Kaput once it hit 1,000 kms over 60,000 kms... while my 1995 Honda Accord (1995) is still running and going at over 250,000 kms... mind you I've replaced brakes once ($300.00)

Timing belt/chain $450.00 (twice) and ball joints ($400.00) - Wow, if you tally 'em up it's only over sixteen hundred dollars in repairs since I've bought the car in '95!!..I'm not saying Fords are not good cars - they are affordable and yeah, I like them when it's new..so..let's stop bashing the car makers - sometimes you get a well-made car (regardless of the maker) sometimes you get the crappy 'lemon' ones - and yes, I had a couple of those - yep, a Ford and a Honda ('88 accord)

25th Feb 2008, 12:54

Hondas are little tanks and can withstand more than any ford! I have had 2 hodas and treated them like crap and they run better than any other ford or gm that I have riden in.

6th Nov 2008, 18:49

To the poster above who claimed his 1999 Civic DX with a modified exhaust was just as fast as a 99' Maxima... I seriously doubt that. The Maxima has a V6 which pumps out 190 HP while the 1999 Civic DX has a V4 which cranks out 106 HP... changing the exhaust would get you MAYBE another 25-25 HP, you would still be nowhere near the 1999 Maxima... Yes the Maxima is a heavier car, but the curb weight difference is less than 300 Kg... From a person who drives both Honda's and Nissan's, I can tell you they are both really good cars but don't try to tell me that a Civic slightly modified is as fast as a Maxima.

4th Jan 2009, 16:34

I agree with your review, I have not been in a single Civic that has lived up to its hype. The engines may have great reliability, but in all other aspects I have seen the cars to be a real let down.

Wind noise is extreme in these cars, along with road noise, and don't drive on gravel, or your dash will be covered, literally covered in dust! Having been in the back and driving these cars, I find them unbelievably uncomfortable. I say all this because I drive an Accent that is a LARGE improvement in all of these areas.

21st Jan 2009, 13:25

I also agree with the poster. I've had 4 Civics, and not one of them was a "wonderful" car. To be honest, two of them had transmission problems, one failed completely. If you look at http://www.carcomplaints.com/, the 2001 Honda Civic is the SECOND WORST CAR on there! Culprit? You guessed it: transmission failure.

Hondas are overhyped. Take it from a guy who's owned them and been under the hood. There's no magic to them. They're just a normal car. I think what happens is they hype makes people start believing they have a great car before it really provides them any evidence. I think they also conveniently forget the little problems they have with the car as well.

Last (sorry I'm rambling) there's no way a Civic DX would outrun a Maxima. Sorry, I've OWNED both cars and it's a night and day difference. That's another misconception about Hondas is that they're "fast" cars. To be honest, many of the other economy cars I've driven are much quicker than the Civic.