13th Nov 2003, 03:25

I had a black Type-R for 18 months and 15,000 miles and would agree that the paint needs extra care to avoid looking scratched; quite easy to repair though and looks wicked when clean!

The Electric power steering is poor; little feel and sometimes, somewhat alarmingly, a little slow to respond. For me this was the worst feature of this wonderful car.

My rear wheel hubs (and front too) also rusted. Agree with Honda that this is purely cosmetic, but so is the paint everywhere else. Come on Honda, the open design of the alloys shows the hubs more than most; there are paints which would make those hubs look a lot nicer.

Never put up with poor dealer service. The competition is fierce out there. Go elsewhere.

Radio controls are difficult to adjust finely especially with stiff suspension. Please Honda, fit steering wheel buttons.

This car NEEDS 3 items from the options list: Air conditioning, Front fog lights and Tweeters. They should be standard and the true cost added to the price. The car would still be a bargain.

If you are an enthusiast, don't let any of this put you off. The car is great; get one!

5th May 2004, 19:29

I know how you feel. Honda dealers certainly are not at all helpful. I had a rotten experience with one of them myself, and ever since I have bought Chevys'. Their customer service rules!

5th Feb 2005, 15:09

I had also a bad quality 2002 model Type-r car. Since I owned, bad cracking noise come from suspensions while driving on uneven roads, especially when the weather is cold and/or rainy. They oiled for many times and another service then changed rear towers. Now, same noise is coming from front suspensions. Another noise is coming from the intersection of right door and the rear-right window. They cannot detect where it is coming from. A strange noise also came from the clutching system. They change the rivet group, noise disapeared, now again appeared. The thickness of dye-stuff (layer of paint) is so thin that it is abraded when you polish your car. U can see white undercoat. After 5.000Km noise of gear cluster system becomes more and more. They changed door windows rubbers for two times. Now they are worn out again. There are many disadvantages of this poor quality car, the only advantage is its well performance motor.

12th Sep 2005, 13:57

I have a type r, had it for 6 months now from new, nothing, but problems for me so far I've had it back to honda 5 times. first time was the windows rattling, then c v joint split honda told me they had checked drive shaft an it was OK, which broke about 2 weeks later visit number three. then it started sounding like I had a cat under my bonnet, turned out to be a new top pulley bearing needed, an last week I noticed my front tyres had worn down to slicks on the inside edge after only 10,000 miles visit number five, they said might need some work on the camber angle which I have to pay for,BO***CKS MATE.

10th Jun 2006, 15:46

I've had my type r for 2 years now and the only problems have been excessive tire wear and unhelpfull honda dealerships.