4th Aug 2005, 16:36

I believe Honda's are quite reliable. I have a '97 Civic and bought it new. Currently has 106,000 miles and have only had one problem with it so far. Had to change the CV Boots/Joints at 70,000 and that cost about 500. After over 8 years it still runs perfectly.

10th Aug 2005, 00:47

Racism is not objective criticism. All machines eventually fail including Honda. I have owned several Honda cars 4 civics, 4 preludes and one accord. Some had over 400 000 KMS. I had a few problems, but nothing I couldn't fix. I used to work at a Honda dealership and I worked as a tow truck operator for 4 years. Domestic vehicles broke down more frequently. 9 out of 10 times Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles had drive line failures in comparison to the Japanese models. For four cylinder cars the Japanese cars can take a lot of abuse and then some. A manual transmission is always recommended. One bad apple out of a 10 is better than 9.

10th Aug 2005, 00:51

If GM, Ford and Chrysler engineered better cars I would be proud to buy American!

6th Jun 2006, 22:23

To 17 July 2005, an 1988 Honda Accord would not have a carb. They started having fuel injection in 1986, so in all likely-hood your car would have had fuel injection... unless you typed the date incorrectly...

24th Sep 2006, 15:26

I actually Rally (yes, as in WRC/SCCA style) my 1990 Accord, and while I have to admit it's certianly no Subie or Mitsu fighter, after some 500-600 trail miles on it, the only things that broke were my shocks and tires. Engine is bombproof. My folks own a Civic and a Pilot as well. The Civic has had it's problems, but with all of the canyon driving we do to it, it's to be expected. And the Pilot, which is maintained top-notch condition, will go into a shop for the first time since we bought it in 2003... for new tires. Not saying Hondas are the best, but can't think of anything other than a Toyota truck that's more reliable.

25th Sep 2006, 10:53

The LX-i had Fuel injection only. Not the DX or LX models. If the whole line up had fuel injection there would be no point to the LX-i model.

23rd Dec 2006, 16:10

My family has had four Hondas: a 1975 CVCC Civic, 1984 Honda Accord, 1996 Civic Hatchback, 1999 Civic Hatchback.

The '75 lasted until about 1984 (it was rusted, and the frame was cracked at the front left side). The 1984 Accord lasted till 1998 when it simply decided not to start on Xmas eve. That and it was quite rusty and possibly had an exhaust leak. The 1996 Civic lasted till winter 1998 when it caught on fire and burnt the whole front end (it was parked and plugged-in outside). The 1999 Civic is still up and running and ready for anything, still a teenager at only 140,000kms.

12th Mar 2007, 23:18

Anybody that says that Honda is a bad car should try owning a BMW, Mercedes, or Audi. I think that if you had one of those cars you would come running back to Honda like I did. These are the cheapest cars to run and they will give you no unreasonable problems!

22nd Jun 2007, 11:39

To this last comment, I have to tell you I have had Honda, and since some years now I have 2 Mercedes and a 3 series BMW and I would never consider to buy a Honda. Not only Honda doesn't have better reliability -although they have better dealer service than BMW-, but the handling, the great driving and all the technology that Mercedes and BMW have, Honda just doesn't has it. Just think, Mercedes introduced ABS brakes in 1978, ASR -traction control- in 1990 and ESP -estability control- in 1995; there is a big gap between Mercedes-BMW and Honda. My Mercedes and BMW have been as trouble free as no other vehicle I have owned, and with very high mileages.

9th Aug 2008, 07:53

Get a valve adjustment once in a while, as stated in your owners manual. This will make your engine nice and quiet!

28th Apr 2009, 10:37

My Honda runs just fine at 148,000 miles. Change your oil every 3,000 and you will have an enduring vehicle. One valve adjustment 10,000 miles ago made her pur again other than that not even a hick-up from the car. Of course mine has only had one owner with all service records included so I knew I was getting something good...

Its not the name your buying but the previous owners maintenance... try to use some rational in your judgments...

No parts replaced not even a O2 sensor, alternater, starter, fuel pump, battery, I mean nothing has been repaired on this car...

Excellent investment...