20th Sep 2004, 22:22

As far as brake problems go. I have had my civic for 2yrs, 212,000 miles on it. I replaced the mastercyclinder 6 months ago and now its going out again. other that its great.

6th Jul 2005, 23:25

I have had my '89 Honda Civic for about 4 years now, which has about 125,000 miles, and last year I had to replace the front brake system (which ended up costing me about $700.00). I noticed recently though, that the brakes are squeaking something terrible. I know the brakes can't be bad already, any suggestions?

5th Mar 2006, 22:57

My 89 Civic DX had rotors that would continually warp until the true cause was discovered.

It turned out that one of the calipers was not releasing on the inside; this is not easy to notice, so most mechanics missed it. That was in early 2002 and I have had absolutely no brake problems since then, even though I have added about 40,000 miles in mountainous terrain.

(Unfortunately, the front end just got run over by a truck and will cost about $3,000 to do a rough fix. I don't want to part with my beloved civic, but it may be time.)

24th Sep 2007, 21:14

We have a 1989 Honda Civic that we have owned since about 1990 and it has only 29,000 miles on it. Recently, the interior brake light started coming on. An auto repair shop replaced a switch. The problem persists. It seems somewhat intermittent. The master cylinder fluid level is nearly to the 'Max' line. The brakes do not squeak or squeal. This evening I noticed that with the key in the 'II' position and with the parking brake released, the brake light did not come on immediately. But after letting it set for about the count of 3 or 4 it started to come on, from dim to bright red. It was almost as though electrical leakage was occurring or a capacitive effect was taking place. More to come.