16th Jun 2005, 10:26

At 50,000 my front struts went and cost $350 to fix. In all the cars I have owned I have never had that problem including the Chrysler minivan with 75,000. Overall the car feels tinny and does not like to be driven hard especially in cornering. Go over a bump in a corner and you fell like you have no grip on the road. I bought this as a low cost commuter car and it feels more and more like a commuter box each day... great on the gas mileage, but yuck.

9th Jan 2007, 21:55

I bought my 2001 civic ex used with 35000 miles. after the first week of purchase I raced it about 4 times a week beat the motor hard. red line of and over again. I ripped corners at high speeds and just tore it up. I have changed my clutch, engine mount, and front suspension at about 75,000 miles. that's all that gave me any type of problem I do hear a noise in first and second gear and I do feel my tranny slipping a little, but after me beating on the car almost every week for over 2 years I don't blame it. the car is great I love every minute of diving it.

22nd Mar 2009, 23:16

Well I bought my Civic EX at an aution with 82000 miles, and drove it hard, and I even used it to deliver newspapers, and it never gave me any problems. I am talking 500 to 800 lbs of news paper.

Drove it in San Francisco, and if any of you have been in San Francisco, you'll know it's up and down just about everywhere you go.

Replaced struts, timing belt, at 116k.

Civic's are really good cars, I think all the people that have had problems, it's been the dealers and mechanics, that's why I do not trust them, and you shouldn't either.

I worked at a dealer for 8 years, I know how they work, just because they sold you it does not mean the know what they're doing.

Bottom line is Honda does make good cars...