1989 Honda Concerto EX-i 1.6L SOHC 16v from Australia and New Zealand


Great all-round car, good for anyone, from learners to experienced drivers


CV joints needed replacing at 360 000 kms, had been knocking since I got the vehicle, knew they would need replacing. Couldn't get new driveshafts, or use the ones from a wreck auto Concerto, different driveshafts.

Clutch was replaced at the same time as the CV joints were done, was not fully worn, but only had about another 5 or 10 000 kms left.

Speakers in the car were stuffed, a previous owner playing them at high volume from what I can tell.

Faded paint, not unusual for a 80's Honda.

Fuel pump relay needed to be soldered to fix the typical problem (Google it for more info).

General Comments:

Heaps of power from the engine. First thing I did was replace the air and fuel filter, which added to the economy and performance.

Heaps of low down power (torque), very nippy at low speeds. Once the engine hits 3,000 rpm, the car bolts away.

Interior is still pristine, seats are only just wearing, no faded/worn seatbelts, instruments easy to read both in day and at night time.

Adequate warning lights, just the basics, but that's all you need.

Very fuel efficient both on the highway and in the city. With proper driving, can get up to 100km on 5 litres of fuel.

Replaced the original tape player with a CD player that fits perfectly in the car and doesn't look out of place.

If the battery ever dies (I've left the interior light on a few times), I just roll start it and let the car idle for 5 minutes, and the battery gets enough power to start again whenever I need to.

I learnt to drive in this car, and plan on keeping it as long as I can, it's a great car, with a good engine, power, handling and decent looks.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2011

1989 Honda Concerto EX-i 1.6L DOHC 16v from Australia and New Zealand


Great little car, aged extremely well, would suit any driver


The CV joints needed replacing at roughly 300,000kms.

Head gasket has blown twice; once at 250,000km, and again at 340,000.

Plastic clear coat on paint is peeling off.

General Comments:

The car has a lot of torque, needs to be shifted into second gear by no later than 20km/h. Engine retains its torque through all the gears, and top end speed is still satisfactory.

The gates for the manual can be a little close, and easy to shift from 2nd to 5th, or 5th to second.

Seats are still comfortable, and the interior has not really aged, except for basic wear and tear. The tape/radio works fine, and sound is good with the 4 speakers.

The speedo and tacho are both easy to read, and clearly visible.

Fuel economy is great, about 100km/10L if driven properly, great for a 21 year old car.

Small size makes it easy to handle and manoeuvre.

Would easily suit a learner driver.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2010