1990 Honda Concerto reviews

Concerto 1.6 with optional A/C 1.6 petrol dual carb

OK car, killed by age

148 words, Australia and New Zealand

Concerto 1.6 dual carb

An expensive car to fix and service. Wouldn't recommend to anyone but my worst enemy

262 words, Australia and New Zealand

Concerto 1.6i16 1.6 fuel injected

It's a family car -- period

346 words, France, 5 comments

Concerto 1.6i-16 1.6 DOHC 16v

A reliable and (very) fast Japanese sedan!

227 words, Portugal, 2 comments

Concerto JXi 1.6 petrol

A little limousine!!!

68 words, Australia and New Zealand, 1 comment

Concerto EX 1.6

A reliable family well equipped hatch!

97 words, UK and Ireland