17th Jul 2016, 10:17

Another 6 months and very little to report at 20k miles.

Software mods have now been made, one of which relates to the tyre pressure monitoring. 3-year service & MOT done for another reasonable price (around £230), no additional work required. I've bought another year's worth of Honda warranty, which the dealer was offering at a much reduced price over the Honda website. A full AA/RAC package wouldn't have been much cheaper.

The car remains pretty good at everything it's required to do, with no major new complaints coming to light. I could mention that the seat bases are a bit short (even more so in the back) and don't offer as much support as they could, but I can't say they're uncomfortable in any way, so perhaps thigh support isn't as important as I thought! And having looked at a few similar cars, they're much the same. Our BMIs are OK, but I'm not sure how bigger people get on with them. Worth checking out if you are on the large side.

22nd Feb 2017, 12:28

OP here again without much to report at 23k miles, EXCEPT: I recently had 2 new Goodyear Efficient Grip tyres on the front. I picked these over the Conti's because they're said to be quieter - and they are. So what? - I hear you say!

Well, the odd thing is that - with no other changes - the steering wheel was crooked (noticeably left-hand down) when I drove it away. I use a small independent who I know well, and I saw the tyres fitted, so I know nothing else was done to the car either by accident or design. I should add that the car still steers and brakes perfectly, no pulling etc.

I took it straight back and we swapped the front wheels/tyres - made no difference at all. The boss asked me to run them in for a few hundred miles, fair enough, but it was driving me potty, so after a couple of weeks I decided to swap the fronts and backs. Now the steering wheel was a bit right-hand down!

The garage boss has said he'll put it on the alignment machine, in my presence, and we can both see if there's anything which has always been a bit out. But I know it's never been kerbed or adjusted, so that seems unlikely. In the meantime I'm just driving it, and I THINK the steering wheel is coming back slowly to where it should be. As I only do some 500 miles per month, I suppose - if it is happening - this could take a while.

Clearly this is no fault of the car, and the Goodyears aren't cheap tyres, so it's a complete mystery. Anyone else had this? I see from an internet search that this situation isn't unique, but no-one reports it on the CR-V, and more importantly, no-one seems to have a solution!

Otherwise, no problems to report! Cheers - Peter.

20th Sep 2017, 15:24

OP back with little to report at about 27k miles. Another service / MOT performed (in May) with only wiper blades being replaced. I extended the Honda warranty again as my dealer does it at a good discount. That'll take it to 5 years old, when I might trade it in anyway - especially if the new model is a significantly better car. All I've got to go on at present is the US reviews!

The tyre/steering wheel problem I reported has largely sorted itself out as the new tyres have worn. It's not perfect now, but it's close enough that I can now ignore it. Perhaps if I did more miles it would've got better quicker.

The tyre deflation alarm continues to annoy, going off about 50 miles after I've pumped the tyres up (typically only 2 or 3 lbs/sq.in). OK, it's easy enough to reset, but I tend to wonder if it's a technical step too far. I'd be happier if it wasn't there, that's for sure - it's a bit like 'cry wolf' at present.

Otherwise, it continues to roll along...