1986 Honda CRX Si 1.5L 4 cylinder from North America


Car was crap to begin with


A lot of problems... all of this in 2 years.

Car ran good until 181k.

Water pump and thermostat failed at 182k.

Engine started running rough for a long time with a low idle since 189k.

Starter and alternator at 194k.

Engine started ticking at 201k.

Heads blew at 205k.

Engine stopped running rough after the heads were repaired but then started running rough after 207k.

The Engine locked up at 212,590 miles.

General Comments:

I was really stupid for purchasing this car.

I paid $500 for this car.

Car was very good on gas.

I don't blame Honda for this; I bought this car with really high miles and I should have known better.

It was my first car until my parents bought me a Saturn for graduating high school that is still running now with 182k. I have an article on that car on this site.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2009

1986 Honda CRX Si 1.5L fi from North America


Fast, fun, expensive!!!


Misfiring VERY BAD.

General Comments:

My CRX is by far the most fun car I have ever owned. It is reliable, and until recently has run like a top.

As of three days ago, it has been misfiring VERY bad and I can't seem to figure it out. I have replaced the plugs, wires, and the distributor cap, and it still is running horribly. If anyone knows what is wrong with my car, or has any suggestions, PLEASE feel free to comment.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2009

10th Jan 2009, 22:59

Could be your valves. I had an Acura Integra doing the same thing. But was more at idle. Any black smoke?

1986 Honda CRX 1.5 from North America


The quality and performance of the car was outstanding


This car was great, I never had a problem with it, all I ever put into it was regular maintenance.

Living in Northern Michigan, I drove it in a foot + of snow and never had a problem getting around.

I drove it to Florida and back, and averaged 43 MPG, and I was not driving at the speed limit.

The car was extremely comfortable and roomy. At 5' 10", when I put the seat back I could not reach the gas pedal.

The built in cooler was awesome.

I think anyone else having a rust problem was due to either no rustproof or a cheap rustproof job because, as I stated before, I live in Northern Michigan where we have winter from November to April, and they salt and sand our roads everyday. I never had a speck of rust appear on my car. Keeping it washed and waxed every week also helped keep the car nice.

General Comments:

Great handling car.

Interior very comfortable and roomy.

Gets around great in snow and on ice.

Outstanding gas mileage.

Engine was powerful and the tires could squawk up to 3rd gear.

Easy to clean and maintain.

Low maintenance.

No service issues on the car. The only reason I sold it was it only had two seats. I got married and had a child, so I needed a bigger vehicle.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2008

1986 Honda CRX DX from North America


The best car I have ever owned!


Air conditioner failed at 120,000 miles.

Radiator was replaced at 180,000 miles.

I had the timing belt replaced every 70,000 miles (as preventative maintenance)

Needed to have the clutch pedal assembly spot welded at 160,000.

It needed the clutch and cable replaced at 160,000 miles.

Replaced CV axle (both sides) at 200,000 miles.

Have replaced the alternator twice.

Rear hatch back lift shocks failed at 70,000 miles.

Rebuilt engine at 295,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car handles great.

This is the most reliable car I have ever owned.

I have never broke down on the road in 21 years of ownership.

The car is fun to drive.

It's a little rough on long trips.

Keep it garaged if you can, people keep trying to steal it.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2007

1986 Honda CRX 1.5L, 3-barrel carburator from North America


One of the best cars on the road, now and ever


The only major thing to happen to my car was a dead alternator. The only reason it died was because it seized up from sitting in my back yard for six months while I was in basic training and tech school.

The edge on the driver's seat wears bad from getting in and out of it since it is so low. You have to drag yourself across it, I even wore through a set of seat covers t one point.

There is a little bit of rust around the rear fenders, but what can you expect after twenty years.

General Comments:

I have never had any unexpected problems with this car. I has always been good to me.

Great fun to drive, due to being carburated, 5-speed, manual steering, and low to the ground. I can't think of a funner car to drive (that you can afford).

The interior was build to last. No cracks, rips, or tears.

I only think I can say bad about it is that there should have been a sixth gear. On the highway I could get so much better gas mileage with that one more gear. (There was the option for a 6-speed manual that year, so if you find it, buy it.)

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Review Date: 20th February, 2005