1994 Honda CRX ESi 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A car that grows on you, and that you grow to love!


Lots of leaks here and there. Needed to read up on it to fix myself. Not a big deal. Had some rust ahead of the rear wheels. Seems like a common problem. Had it welded whilst it was in for a service. I did think it would be cheaper to repair/ service, guess it's been a while since I've been driving.

It had one owner before me since new, and was due for a new cambelt.

Spent around £800 on it since having it nearly a year, on that one service.

General Comments:

What a wonderful car. I remember seeing them when I was younger, and I guess they made an impression. It's a little different owning one though, it seems to grow on you.

It's beautiful to drive, might be a bit hard riding for some, and boy is it low, even as a standard car. I don't think I would have considered having it lowered or getting bigger wheels/ thinner tyres. It's been very economical too for my short trips to and from work etc.

Such a pleasure to cruise around in when the sun is shining and having the roof off. It does have the scuttle shake on country lanes, which is quite infuriating. However, just around town or smooth roads, it's not too noisy in the cabin. The rear electric window makes it feel like a full convertible, and protected and private at the same time.

The interior is basic, but feels very well built and a whole lot better than lots of modern hatchbacks! If Honda still made these cars, I would buy one new!

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Review Date: 6th December, 2009

1994 Honda CRX from North America


I hope Honda brings back the CRX


Seats wore out quickly.

General Comments:

The Honda CRX is the best small car I have ever driven.

It was quick, powerful and reliable.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2005

1994 Honda CRX VTi 1.6 VTEC from UK and Ireland


Unusual, feisty, quick... superb


I needed a new catalytic converter as the original one developed a crack, which unfortunately is just one of those things. Other than that, my only complaint is a little leak on the driver's side in heavy rain (but to be honest it's a ten-year-old convertible so that's probably to be expected) - nothing that new seals wouldn't solve.

General Comments:

This car is a real head turner - forget your MR2s and similar little sporty numbers, this is the one that makes people scratch their heads in a 'what the hell is that?' kinda way (particularly with the roof down). In fact, the first time I went to fill it up at the garage the mechanic asked me what it was!

The engine is superb - no need to bother turning on the stereo when you've got the noise this car makes over 5000 rpm - with performance and Honda reliability, and it handles like a dream.

The ride isn't the most comfortable in the world, but then the CRX is precisely what it intended to be, ie a fun little sports car, and you can't expect Mercedes-arm-chair style comfort in a feisty little number like this one.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2003

1994 Honda CRX VTi 1.6 VTEC from UK and Ireland


More fun than fairy liquid on a bouncy castle


I has problems with the factory fitted immobilizer cutting in randomly, but this was easily rectified by the dealer.

Other than that, nothing - Honda reliability.

General Comments:

Superb fun to drive, out-accelerates an MR2 with ease - 5-8k revs is a blast, and sounds pretty damn good too.

Corners brilliantly in all conditions.

There aren't many of them around, but I was still surprised to find it's a real head turner (particularly with the roof off).

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Review Date: 6th September, 2003

1994 Honda CRX VTi 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Buy this 160bhp little rocket!


I have had the car for 5 months now, and the only thing that has made me dip into the wallet is the changing of the front tyres. If you drive the car, making the most out of the brilliant engine, then tyre wear is quite rapid on the front.

No other problems.

General Comments:

Its shocking that a 1.6 engine can produce so much fun. The 160bhp unit gets to 60mph in about 7 seconds, and trust me, it puts a smile on your face. When the rev counter passes 5,500rpm, them you hear an almighty roar as the VTEC kicks in.

I am 18, and at insurance group 17, the car costs an arm and a leg to insure. But it is worth it, and I have taught all the boy racers down the city a right lesson.

I have a metallic blue VTi with the exquisit electric roof. Recently put black 17" alloys on it, and it is a gorgeous looking car. 17" wheels deliver incredible grip as well, try it on a roundabout!

Overall, a seriously quick 2 seater sports car, buy one if you can find one.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2003

17th Sep 2004, 07:59

Would you ever sell any parts off of your CRX? I am in need of:

1. Rear seats for a CRX

2. Complete Rear Taillights.

Hit me back at:


28th Sep 2004, 16:13

If you need the rear seats, I think you are talking about the shape before mine. Mine is the 2 seater electric roof shape.

1st Jun 2005, 18:13

I know the 1.6 litre engine is powerful at about 160 bhp, but hows the torque curve? I mean do you have to rev it all the time to get decent pulling power?


22nd Aug 2006, 17:22

I'm sorry, but I'm a modding expert and on the crx mk2 17 alloy destroy the ride and handling may improve grip, but not the dynamics id stick to wide 15 deep dish that to go for on this model.

1994 Honda CRX VTI 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Beautiful engine. Cool roof. Ageing good looks


The electric roof broke down and the dealer was quoting GBP2k to get it fixed. Thankfully, a mate who works on Merc SLK's fixed the problem - a loose solder on a diode. Eventually cost me GBP20 + GBP100 labour.

General Comments:

The VTEC engine makes a beautiful noise, 5k-8k rpm is hilarious straight-line fun. Quick, but low on torque, so it's not that rapid.

Car not so clever round the corners - very mediocre handling bordering on the dangerous.

Fully automatic roof was truly amazing. When I first bought the car small crowds gathered on several occasions to watch.

Parts are quite expensive and hard to obtain. Finding someone to fix the roof is even harder because the CRX VTI was a prototype and few people have the required skills.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2001

4th May 2001, 11:06

Can you get me the number of your mate who fixes CRX electric roofs!