2nd Jul 2005, 15:11

If you were comparing a tuned crx to a cossie than yes it will beat it, but in standard form, not gonna happen!

12th Jul 2005, 09:09

One problem the cossie is a ford!

13th Jul 2005, 08:23

When things are receding in your rear view mirror at the rate they tend to when you drive a Cosworth, it's not really much of a problem at all.

Besides which, Honda's image is hardly the stuff of wet dreams.

26th Mar 2007, 17:16

Honda VTEC's are very good engines for high reving and producing high BHP without turbo, great if you like that sort of power delivery. Personally I like the sort of power you get from a turbo engine, preferably a 2.0 turbo, you get the high BHP, but also the torque you can't get in a VTEC.

2nd Nov 2007, 16:39

Just sold by beloved Honda Integra Type R turbo. The b18c engine produced 197bhp out the factory... big turbo, a few mods here and there, and I was running 320bhp in a car that weighs only 1060kgs... Cosworths ate my dust.

And before you go saying yeah, but tune a Cosworth the same blah blah blah, Honda turbos can exceed 800bhp.

17th Oct 2008, 15:03

I owned an Evo 7 and now own an Impreza P1, but the CRX was the best car I have owned to date. In standard forms would easily beat GT and RS Turbos.

If you have one, don't sell it cos it's the biggest mistake I ever made!

5th Dec 2008, 00:39

I own a CRX VTi (VTEC),'90. with B16A1 engine, and I have to say that I totally disagree with a lot of things written here. First of all, Ford is a company that made the GT40, that took a lot of wins, and was a great car (but it was made for the track...), so I respect them a lot. From the other side, we have the NSX (3.2l V6 VTEC), S 2000 (2.0l I4 VTEC), Itegra (1.8l I4 VTEC), Prelude (2.2l I4 VTEC), Accord (same engine as the Prelude's), CRX (1.6l I4 VTEC)...all with 4 valves per cylinder and very high output power and torque. And all of that without a turbocharger. Find a Ford that meets any of this specs, and then we are going to race. O.K.?

5th Dec 2008, 11:20

It's hard to find a car today without 4 valves per cylinder, and those vtec engines do NOT produce high outputs of torque, that is one thing you'll never get from a 1.6 without a turbo.

18th Jan 2009, 08:50

Cosworth's spend more time at the side of the road with blown engines to beat anything! You read adverts on them for sale and 95% + have engine rebuilds. How many CRX's have?

3rd Feb 2009, 03:30

I also own a MK2 Honda CRX 1.6 vtec.

I bought it at 200BHP, it's dropped 30mm and left it at that.

0-60 6.1 seconds, top speed around 140-145ish.

Bad points are no power steering, which means hard work parking it, and can become rusty. But on the other hand I never want to park it up because when the power gets flowing, the Vtec becomes addictive. And racing other cars... it's not only about the actual car, the experienced driver behind the wheel both cars may have a similar speed, but a driver might jump a gear etc..

The good points are the engine will run forever, the car looks cool, and no one can make engines like Honda.