2009 Honda Fit LX 1.5 from Mexico


As close to perfect as you can get for the price


Hatchback struts.

Interior rubber pieces falling off.

Timing chain cover oil leak (service bulletin).

Driver's electric window sluggish (service bulletin).

Valvetrain lost motion spring recall.

Headlights clouded over.

Constant bulb replacement.

Transmission oil shearing rapidly, needed changing much more frequently.

General Comments:

Great car, one of the best I've had. Was made in Brazil, so the materials and fit & finish aren't as well done as other Fits probably are. Thin, easily chipped paint and lower quality carpeting and fabric.

I got poor fuel economy, but it is due to Mexico's driving conditions, not the car's fault. City: 18-20 US MPG until the motor broke in; 21-22 US MPG afterwards. Last 3000 km highway trip, five persons and baggage: 28 US MPG on various tanks. I've observed up to 40 US MPG on a tank that included driving with a tailwind.

Engine: very lively, perfect. A little low on power, but enjoys being wound up to 4,000-6,000 RPM.

Exquisite five speed manual transmission, shifts easily, fun to use, but shears its oil rapidly, starts to get notchy at 22,000 km while Honda recommends changing it at 40,000 km.

Great handling, especially in the curves. The factory Pirelli tires were OK, but once they were replaced with H-rated summer Bridgestones, the handling reached 100%.

Uncomfortable ride over bumpy roads, made worse by uncomfortable seats and H-rated replacement tires.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2015

2009 Honda Fit from North America


One of the best I've owned

General Comments:

So far, I've had nothing go wrong with the car. We paid for a base model, so it was $15,000. The comfort level is not the best. For long drives of over an hour, it gets a bit tedious. And creature comforts are minimal; cup holders awkward, no middle arm rests etc.

However, in 10,000 miles we've averaged 39.7 mpg in small town rural driving. We bought it for economy and it has more than fulfilled our hopes, and I'd buy another in a minute.

For the money, it's a tremendous deal, and with Honda's reliability and support (we had a transmission blow on our Odyssey and they chipped in for almost half the cost of the repair), we're very happy with it.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2010

18th Sep 2010, 09:41

OMG, you think you got a deal by Honda paying for half the cost of the new engine? The engines are on recall. I don't know if there is a public American data base for national recalls, but the Canadian Transport Department keeps an excellent one. The Honda's have a lot of recalls (even recent!) more than the Fords. I was shocked. Anyway your van has like 10 recalls, and most are related to engine / power train. You probably should have gotten a new engine for free.

2009 Honda Fit Standard 1.5L 4 cylinder from North America


Durable, all around car that is cheap to own


Paint chipping on hood and side front fenders.

General Comments:

Great gas mileage. Have 5spd manual and get avg 42 on hwy and 33 city. If I keep it around 70mph or lower on the hwy, I have averaged up to 52mpg.

Needs another gear! Sits around 4000 rpm at 80 mph. Even at 60 mph it is still at 3000 rpm. I don't think it hurts the engine because it redlines at 6500 rpm, but it is loud in the cabin. Also low gears make it jumpy. I have been driving manual transmission vehicles for 14 years and almost had to relearn for this car, it can be tricky.

Very roomy inside. Everyone who rides in it thinks it will be uncomfortable, but are pleasantly surprised when riding in it. I like how the seats fold evenly flat, and the lift up option (magic Seats) in the back seat has come in handy.

Cheap to own. High gas mileage, Oil does not need to be changed for 12k miles and is very cheap to change; also tires are small and cheap to replace.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. For the price I paid it was a great deal. I am waiting to hear back from the dealer about the paint chipping, but am optimistic about it being fixed. Car is comfortable for its size and price (I am 5'11 231lbs).

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Review Date: 10th May, 2010

10th May 2010, 19:13

I doubt your 52 MPG claim. But I only doubt it because you stated you got it around 70 MPH. I believe the Fit is capable of 52 MPG (or better) at around 55 MPH. My '08 Civic got around 47 MPG at 55. I bet the Fit could do even better.