2015 Honda Fit LX 1.5L petrol from North America


A great car overall


Nothing so far!

General Comments:

This is my first new car. I wanted to get a reliable car that would last me a few years with minimal problems. I thought Honda would be a great choice, being known for the great reliability of their products. The 2015 Fit has been completely redesigned, and I think it looks really good, better than the previous generation in my humble opinion.

The car has a sporty feeling, and even though the engine is a bit underpowered, if you keep it in the good powerband it is surprisingly fast. The steering is precise and so is the shifter. The overall driving quality is great, considering the price.

However, it has some flaws:

- In the first week or so, sometimes the car would be bogging, as if it was misfiring. But it was okay after a few km.

- The 6th gear is not a real overdrive gear. At 100km/h, the engine revs at 3000 RPM. From what I've heard, the 6th gear has the same ratio as the previous generation 5th gear. With the engine revving so high, the highway gas consumption is quite high.

But overall, I really enjoy this car!

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Review Date: 1st April, 2015

5th Apr 2015, 04:36

As you say, the engine is relatively "flat" at low RPM, hence the relatively high RPM in 6th.

5th Apr 2015, 13:59

The Honda Fit is one of the cheapest Hondas you can buy, and it's also one of the cheapest new cars to own. And its resale value on the used market market has never been better.

Production of the newly designed American market model has been moved down to the modern Celaya, Mexico factory. Some people have had complaints about teething problems on this newly built model. Edmunds.com has 25 reviews on the new 2015 model, and so far there is only a 4 star rating on it, which is not always a good sign for the very popular Honda Fit. It might be better to wait a year to get the bugs out of it. Many car makers are making the move to Mexico to make parts and build some of their models, because of the low wages and closeness to the US.