2001 Honda HR-V 4WD 1.6 VTEC gasoline from Sri Lanka


Cheapest 4x4 to own/run!


Hardly anything has gone wrong in 10 years. Only the usual wear and tear such as brakes, tyres, etc.

General Comments:

Excellent. Probably the most economical gasoline 4x4 in the world (25 MPG in town and 35+ MPG out of town!)

Handles like a car with very little body roll. Despite its "smallish" looks from the outside, it is massive inside for 5 adults.

If you are getting one, make sure it's the VTEC one. The normal one is not powerful enough.

It may be expensive to buy compared to some vehicles, but it is well worth it in the long run!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2014

2001 Honda HR-V 1.6i VTEC from Hungary


Amusing city mini-SUV


One of the low-beam bulbs blew out at 26.000 & 90.000kms.

The driver's seats rail started to creak at 75.000kms.

There are several burring noises from the inside plastic parts since the early 60.000kms.

General Comments:

This car is seriously quick and handles like it's on rails, until you get a bump across the street. Then it can take sidelong dance steps.

The average fuel consumption is cca. 9,5l/100km (~24.3 miles/US gal.) which is too much from a 1,6l car...

...but the 125HP is rather good from a 1,6l car, so the consumption is acceptable.

The rear-seat legroom is "symbolic". There is not enough room to an adult, but acceptable for children. The trunk should be bigger...

I'm a 183cm/71" tall guy and I have good enough room behind the steering wheel, the seats are comfortable and everything is snugly accessible.

The steering is very direct, the car immediately responds to every move on the steering wheel. The body is disinclined for swinging or swaying.

The 4WD is very useful on icy road surfaces or in snow.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2005

2001 Honda HR-V 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Reliable, enjoyable car to own and drive


Oil leak due to poor service by Honda dealership

Front alloys 'rusting' - replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

Front seats are very comfortable, but rear can become tiring on long journeys.

The car handles very well, especially on the motorway.

I was impressed by the tyre mileage. Fronts lasted 19,000 miles & rears replaced after £33k (but probably had 5k left).

Insurance is very reasonable at under £300 fully comprehensive.

If you don't need a 'proper' off-road vehicle, the HR-V is worth a look.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2004

2001 Honda HR-V JW SOHC 1.6 4WD from United Arab Emirates


Don't be fooled by the looks like me


- Clutch burnt out at 21,000 km. After being stuck in the sand.

General Comments:

- 1.6 SOHC non V-TEC engine is too weak for a real-time 4WD.

- It takes 13.8 seconds to get from 0-60 miles.

- The engine makes a lot of vibration on high RPM.

- The car is too soft to be a serious off road car.

- The body is extremely thin gets a lot of dents and dings in no time. This is due to Honda's pedestrian safety theory.

- The car handles funny, sometimes stable and sometimes not. Because of the real-time 4WD engagement.

- There are no after market parts, performance parts, or body kits. Just take it the way it is without customizing.

- The 2 tone interior color is cool and trendy, but the finishing quality is poor.

- The original system consists of a 2 speakers AM/FM cassette player. No alternative CD player option.

- The harmful seats will not give you a pleasant ride on long journeys.

- It's too small as 5D or 3D. Civic hatchback has more rear leg space room.

- The moon roof only has a 2 inches latch and does not slide.

- Has a very bad re-sell value.


IF you are planning on buying one. Just save up more and get a CR-V. This is a free of charge advice.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2003

7th May 2010, 15:38

I have the 2wd 99 reg 105bhp UK model. I get 0-60 in 7.5 secs, top speed 110mph max clock, and it handles the welsh bends like a car that should cost a lot more!! I love ours! We never have any of the above problems, we paid 2550 quid in 2007 with 103000 on the clock and never got round to servicing her till she was on 124000, plus we did 3 long trips and we were getting 38 to the gallon. £20 in the tank when the light is on gives just under half a tank, and you don't get the light on again till you hit 180 miles, and that's round town and driving normal. And only 350 quid a year to insure both on fully comp with business use.

If I have to find fault with the car, then the worst for me is the back window when reversing, but on the flip side you know that when the wall is near the window, then it's near the car as there is a very flat rear end on these cars. It's like most things.. it's what you're used to.

2001 Honda HR-V VTEC 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A pleasure to drive and to own, wonderful


Condensation in the head lamps.

General Comments:

Distinctive appearance.

Superb engine.

Excellent cornering and stability for a high vehicle.

Slick gear change.

Extremely high build quality.

Only 4 seater.

No alarm fitted as standard.

Does not have a built in radio so has to be removed for security.

Only 2 speaker radio as standard.

Need to upgrade to get a CD player.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2002

7th Mar 2008, 05:14

Sorry, I do not have comments.

I am reading your kind postings, to know better buy or not Honda.

Thank you.


10th Dec 2009, 02:10

No, there must be 4 speakers in the car.