2001 Honda Inspire Type S 3.2 V6 VTEC from Australia and New Zealand


True reliable motoring spirit


Tyres wore out - general wear and tear!

Radiator reservoir hose fell into the reservoir - reattached.

That's all that has gone wrong..

General Comments:

Very well built car, which is great for traveling, looks good and handles very well for a front wheel drive.

Auto is slow in the manual mode, but the gear box is pretty good at knowing what gear to be in ie holding gears on hills when you take your foot off, or downshifting while braking.

Gas consumption is amazing on the open road; getting 800+kms out of 65L. Not so good around town. ie BAD.

Good performance - can really get moving, quicker than my previous 99 twin turbo Legacy, which it eats for breakfast. Good nice "sleeper" car if you may.

Downfall, they only come in auto's.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2011

1990 Honda Inspire AGi 2.0 petrol 5 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Beautifully put together, I have likened it to the car that Jag/Rover should have built but didn't


Replaced rubber bushes in the front suspension.

Am replacing air con evaporator under dashboard.

All these faults came with the car, and I was aware of them.

General Comments:

Bought car from a caring owner, and the condition of the car is a testimony to the care that some people have with their cars. All repairs documented and no expense spared when needed

The motor was replaced at 80000 kms in 2004 as a noise developed. The replacement motor was second hand, but had only 35000 kms on it.

Handles well for a biggish car, and the ride is almost excellent, but average tyres are its downfall. Needs Michelins, which is on the next change.

Replaced front suspension bushes, and was surprised to find that new bushes are not expensive.

This car is in a time warp as there's no wear on upholstery, and the paintwork is in almost new condition. Notice that other Inspires though also have good interiors.

Good gearbox with good ratios, and excellent economy with 7.5 L/100 kms on a trip, and about 10 L/100kms around town.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2009

1995 Honda Inspire 2.0 liter 5 cylinder petrol from Australia and New Zealand


The car is super reliable and fun to drive


Radiator top tank leaked after a month of driving. Easily fixed, and no other problem in last ten months.

General Comments:

After driving super reliable Toyota Camry's in my taxi business for five years, I wanted to buy a Honda to see what all the fuss is about Honda brand. I bought this Honda Inspire on Trade Me auction website for just NZ$1850. Now after driving the car for 39000 kilometers in eleven months, I am amazed by the reliability of car. It is very well built, with a very comfortable and quite ride, very nimble acceleration. I simply love driving this car.

What I don’t like about the car, the interior space is cramped for the length of the car, also it is bit thirsty on fuel. Other than that, no problems.

If all Honda cars are this much fun to drive and this much reliable, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Honda.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2008