1989 Honda Integra XSi 1.6 VTEC from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome fun


Passenger footwell had a leak caused by a split rubber grommet. This was easy to fix by using silicon sealer. This was the only fault due to the factory components.

Gear shift rattled in fifth when the car was purchased. This was an aftermarket short shift item and stopped rattling after taking shifter out and reinstalling.

Hole was put in resonator when going over railway tracks, because the car was lowered substantially.

General Comments:

I was extremely lucky to find an Integra with genuine kms under 100000. The lack of problems I had is probably due to this.

The best aspect of the Integra is its b16a Dohc VTEC. It loves to rev and the sound is one of the best from a relatively modern car. The car was fitted with a pod filter and stainless pipe, creating a deep, loud induction noise. It also had the catalytic converter replaced with a resonator, a new rear offset muffler and a tip. This made a crisp deep note, more like 2.2 vtec in deepness. I loved to go slow up to 4400rpm, and then just as the cam hit vtec, plant the throttle. Awesome!

The car was lowered 7cm with KYB struts and Kings Springs. This was lower than I wanted, but did make the car handle fairly well on smooth roads. It made traveling with passengers and going over speed bumps a hassle though. The car only had 85mm ground clearance, which is too low to be practical.

I sold the car earlier this year, as I'm at uni now and miss its character. I would consider buying a later model Integra or Civic one day in the future. I would recommend anyone to buy an unmolested one, despite the lack of RWD. It's a great car for its price.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2007

1989 Honda Integra SXi 1.6 Vtec from Australia and New Zealand


A sweet deal for people looking for a cheap thrill


The fuel lines failed after about 10,000km, but that was from the previous owner.

Close ratio gears can become quite annoying on long trips, when traveling at speeds 100+.

General Comments:

I have lowered the car since owning as well as replacing the alloys with 16x50x205 and makes the car fly around the corners of the race tracks.

The car does not respond very well to modifications since it has been quite highly tuned from factory.

With a large K&N filter, 2in exhaust and several tweaks to the standard ecu the car is producing around 100hp at the wheels which is quite good for a N/A 1.6 liter engine.

It also sounds beautiful on 98 Ron gas while at high revs.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2004

19th Apr 2004, 03:07

I also own this car, and its obvious you know nothing about it, first of all it's an XSi, it already produces more than 100hp at the wheels from factory. The factory ECU cannot be tweaked, you need a new chip.

Close ratio box revs too 8000rpm, at 100kph its doing 3500rpm, that's less than half of max, how many cars doo 100 at less than half revs?

And how can the fuel lines wear out from the previous owner?

Just research before typing, that way you don't sound so dumb.

28th Apr 2006, 08:47

My mum's piece of crap laser does 100 at 3000 revs, and it goes up to 8000. 3500 for 100km/h isn't that great, but its still sweet for an old car.

So with this model integra do you have to change out of gears early? and can the engine take a beating if you want to rev it really high?

1989 Honda Integra ZXi 1.6 DOHC VTEC from Australia and New Zealand


A cheap, reliable performance sports car


When I first got it I had big plans, I put a new engine in it and changed it from an auto to a manual. And I did little modifications to the exterior and engine.

General Comments:

The performance and handling of it is amazing, but it can be better.

The look of the car is very sporty and aerodynamic.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2004