1990 Honda Integra XSi 1.6 B16A1 DOHC VTEC from Australia and New Zealand


An underrated JDM Honda


HT leads.

Fuse panel under dash needed re-soldering.

Exhaust wore out.

Oil leak from gasket seal.

Gearbox would be a bit sticky, especially when shifting into third. It would be a real nuisance and could cost serious money to fix so I sold it. Even second hand gearboxes for these cars are getting rare.

General Comments:

The car was really reliable.

I spent very little on keeping it running, but it was nearing some bigger bills because of age.

The 4 door body is less common, but is very similar in weight and size to the hatchback. You'll probably find them in better condition too.

The steering ratio is abysmal which makes tight cornering annoying.

The standard suspension wasn't badly worn, but it was definitely too soft. Lowered springs and new dampers would transform the handling.

With a good engine and decent performance I'd say it was a good car for daily driving and was comfortable enough on long journeys.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2004

19th Mar 2007, 17:00

The Honda Integra XSI for me was an introduction to the VTEC power and Economy. The B16A1 Engine handled modifications well, and produced some pleasing results.

The modifications to the Engine consisted of 4-1 Heat wrapped headers-2.25inch exhaust-higher compression (head shaved) Intake pipe filter and ignition/fuel upgrade. This combination along with a set of D2-Coil-overs/Sway bars and Bushes, ultimately turned this car into a real road weapon.

The troubles I had were once lowered to a height that the rear suspension arms were inverted upwards (cambered) the bushes (1-each side of vehicle) would wear very quickly.

The Transmission is inherently weak especially in the Differential, being non LSD the metal locking pins holding the diffrential gears in place have a tendency to fail. Honda Ignition coils also have a tendency to give up, due to there location inside the distributor cap they can and DO act as a heat sink. NOT GOOD! A simple external coil upgrade and igniter will fix the problem. Oil feed to the distributor mechanisim is only a small hole, oil changes on a regular basis can prevent bearing seizure in the distributor.

All and all the Integra XSI is a great car to modify, with some weight removed from the interior and a simple half cage the car has great track potential.

1990 Honda Integra XSi Sedan 1.6 DOHC VTEC from Australia and New Zealand


Practical fun with cheap running costs


Syncro into 4th gear is worn.

Rear suspension bushings needed replacement at around 130,000kms.

CV joints replaced at 135,000kms.

Water leaks around the base of the windscreen leading to shorted fan motor.

General Comments:

Great engine, there's some serious performance to be had above 5500rpm.

There is a lack of torque at lower revs though, and especially when laden you need to rev the car to extract power.

Short gearing great for hard driving, but can make longer trips at speeds of much above 110kmh tiring.

The car handled averagely well standard, but with the addition of 50mm lowering springs, new shocks and wider alloys with decent tyres, it is transformed - corners like it's on rails now, but does tend to scrape on speed bumps and nasty driveways. Brakes are very good standard, I haven't bothered upgrading them yet beyond new pads.

Enough room to comfortably seat four people, but rear center seat is pretty much useless due to the location of the sunroof motor. The rest of the interior is of a pretty pleasant design for the age of the vehicle.

Exterior is fairly good apart from small amounts of rust around the rear spoiler, typical given the proximity to the harbour where I park.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2004

31st Jul 2005, 00:13

Just want to know, how did you fix the leak? mine leaks on to the foot wall after raining. Can reply to keymoney7@hotmail.com.

1990 Honda Integra ZXi 1.8L, DOHC 16v from Australia and New Zealand


A good reliable performance car


The vehicle had a blown head gasket when I purchased it, which cost around $1500 (Australian) to fix.

My Integra is the Japanese import, making parts harder to come-by.

General Comments:

My Integra has had little mods done to it. The mods include:

Custom front bumper bar.

Performance ignition leads.

Performance air filters.

Lowered 30mm.

These few mods have made a big difference to the already good handling and performance of these sports cars.

Besides a bit of panel work (resulting from crashes), I love my Integra

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Review Date: 17th April, 2001