1994 Honda Integra VTi-R 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Perfect economical sports car


Nothing has gone wrong. The only niggles (common to the model) are that the windows rattle a bit when left half down and going over large bumps, however it is an easy fix (take off door trim and tighten every screw in sight).

General Comments:

This car was perfect. It was comfortable (for a sports car), reliable, and had the performance to go. The exterior has not aged one bit!

Was extremely easy to live with. It handled extremely well, and performed and sounded beautiful above 5000rpm.

Interior fit and finish was extremely good, and had enough space to sit people in the back comfortably (compared to other sports cars).

If you want a good sports car that won't break down or the bank, get a DC2 Integra!

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Review Date: 24th April, 2010

1994 Honda Integra Si Vtec 1.8 from UK and Ireland


I hope to have this car for many years to come



General Comments:

This cars performance is a surprise, a happy surprise, impressive braking, performance and acceleration.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2007

1994 Honda Integra ZX 1.6 dual carb from Malaysia


I'm planning to buy another one next year. (^_^ )


Since I bought the DC1 when it's already 10 years old, I already predicted that the chassis would be very jumpy. That's all, honest.

General Comments:

This car made me feel like I was a part of the car. Engine offers surprisingly good performance even though it's not using fuel injections, not using Honda's diamonds- the V-tec engines and using a single cam. Single cam meant higher top speed - less acceleration, even so, the acceleration's pretty nice. 0-100km/h in 8.5 seconds.

Handles nicely too. I could point it's nose everywhere I wanted to. It's VERY comfortable, and it stays that way.

For a 10 year old car I felt that it was even more comfortable than the 2005 Honda Civic.

However, the brakes- no ABS and the rear wheels are using drum-brakes. No airbags. For those who put safety first, it's a very bad car. For people like me, it's a very nice car.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2006

1994 Honda Integra Si VTEC 1.8 Vtec from UK and Ireland




The VTEC was giving trouble kicking in, but this turned out to be because it became low on oil. It seems excessively using VTEC when the car is not fully warmed up, burns a hell of a lot of oil.

Water leaks into the boot from rear light clusters.

Brake fluid warning light/hand brake light comes on when I dog the engine; must be bad connection in fluid reservoir.

General Comments:

Considering my previous car, this was always going to feel like a bullet.

I couldn't be happier than at around 6000rpm when the VTEC kicks in. There's an induction kit as well, so the VTEC wail is even more pronounced. And boy does the Integra move.

Only bad points are high cruising RPM; it could use a 6th gear.

Noisy ride when cruising, & poor fuel consumption due to high RPM.

Handles great.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2005

21st Jan 2007, 04:32

Not sure about the older models, but I have a 96 integra type r (b18C engine) and vtec doesn't even engage until the oil is up to temperature, yes the car will rev past 6000 rpm, but it doesn't change cam profiles. as I said not sure about the older models, but on the newer ones it's a safety feature to protect the engine.

27th Mar 2007, 14:27

I have 93 Integra si vtec and with an ACT clutch kit, a skunk2 intake and an AEM filter. My brother has a standard ITR b18c. Most powerful atmospheric cars ever.

27th Mar 2007, 14:29

But rotary engines turbocharged is just something else.

30th Dec 2007, 11:45

Yes something else... the turbo rotary engines need rebuilding every 60000 miles and take a specialist to get it rebalanced costing a fortune! You don't have to rebuild a Honda engine unless it's highly mistreated.

1994 Honda Integra VTi-R 1.8 Vtec from Australia and New Zealand


Degrading experience... horrible



I don't know where to start, but here it goes:

1. I've had numerous starting problems, the car has a mind of it's own, some days it will start perfectly, others it won't.

I have replaced the battery, coil, new rotor and distributor, ignition, wiring harness costing me a fortune (honda parts are very expensive), yet the problem isn't resolved.

It seems I spend an average of 5-8k per year just on repairs.

Corrosion seems to be another serious issue with the Integra, it seems to be falling apart, considering the previous owner was a lady who kept it garaged most of the time.

The interior is dull and poorly put together, everything seems to be falling apart...

Timing belt seems to go at 50,000kms, even my wife's hyundai excel at least manages 100,000kms.

Lower controller arm decided to give way... just driving on normal tar roads, without any specific incident. I've never seen just a poorly screwed together car.

The clutch seem's excessively heavy and lazy, whilst the manual gearbox seems very "soft", certainly not the "sporty" feel it should have.

The power windows have also been another dodgy experience, with the noisy motors being replaced 5 times so far!

Oil level sensor has been replaced, yet it's still faulty and not operating properly.

Horrible fuel economy, manage only 270kms from one tank and this isn't driving it hard.

I think the quotation is correct, if you want anything from a V-tec, you need a set of ear plugs.

Also the steering pump has been replaced several times, as well as the aircondition condenser.. I mean the list of issues I've experienced with this car is endless. I'll never go near a honda again.

The car smells horrible...

Fuel filter required replacement, due to being clogged.

Brakes have failed numerous times (these aren't aftermarket brakes, but original honda ones)

Fuel filter was clogged causing the car barely to run and it was quite expensive to replace.


General Comments:

Stay away! horrible experience. honda need to read: "how to make cars.. for idiots".

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Review Date: 29th October, 2005

14th Nov 2005, 21:53

Beg to disagree 100 times. this car must have had over 500 000k's on it. interior fit is tops. mechanically it's a legend. I would buy one today if I was able to drive a manual car.

15th Nov 2005, 20:47

I can understand your frustrations with the car given all the problems so far. I have to say that what you have experienced is very unusual for an integra, even an 11 year old one. Generally DC2 Integras are noted as being well above the norm in terms of reliability and drivability.

The corrosion problem is also very unusual, particularly if you are based in Australia?

I would guess that the previous owner may have unloaded a car on you that had lived a very hard 10 years and/or been in an accident that caused lasting damage.

Finally, you should be getting about 400 km per tank, and the timing should last 5 years or 100,000 km. Not sure what you meant by the timing belt “going”, if the timing belt died then there would be significant damage to the motor (pistons & valves colliding).

Lastly, might be time to consider cutting your losses and getting rid of the car.