2003 Honda Integra Luxury 2.0 liter from Australia and New Zealand


Great, easy, cheap to run sports car


1. Front Headlight had condensation build up.

2. Driver Door central locking failed.

General Comments:

For a non-forced induction 4 cylinder, its one of the quickest on the market if driven right. Keep the revs high and the car is quick off the line and will beat most cars to the 80-100km mark, and handles like a dream.

Luxury is awesome; if you can drive manual or don't live in bumper to bumper traffic, get one. The semi-automatic is nearly as good as the manual tranny but its not strong to support aftermarket upgrades.

Leather seats are comfortable, cabin is roomy and simple. Red lights are cool; just enhance the brightness to see everything clearly.

Petrol (on 95 or 98 premium) can deliver 500kms or more per tank easily, even with heavy driving. Insurance is cheap; about the same with an old DC2 model Integra.

Type S and Type R are more powerful, but only in the high revs. Anything under 6800 rpm and all three Integras have the same performance.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 27th April, 2008